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Default Israel: The chosen people of Satan, over the Earth.

It's time for foam extracting mode by the Lunar possessed Rabbis


31 MAY 2010:

31 MAY 2010:


Whiteyellow Mongolian Judeans of the two-race kingdom of Judas – Jude – Jedi – and Benjamin of Jerusalem with headquarters Basel of Switzerland, and Mongolian Hebrew-Saxons of the ten-race kingdom of Samaria with headquarters London of England,

● In 31 May 2010, you are finished and you are dead intellectually AND as individuals AND as Mongolian whiteyellow races, AND as Mongolian nations of Israelites – Swiss – and Anglo-Saxons.

● In 31 May 2010, he is finished and dead intellectually and morally the Dragonian lunar pseudo-god of yours, pseudo-Being, pseudo-Yahweh, Sin – Sion – Zion – Sinai – Jeid – Jude – Judas – Jedi – Sedi, your Judean Rabbis, and your Anglo-Saxons Lords.

● From 31 May 2010, you must solve the threefold problem: Either for you to commit suicide collectively due to your diachronic crimes, continuously for 11.600 years, against tenths of billions genocided from you people of white and black race, either for you to be annihilated for the same reasons by the Governmental-Federal Galactic Starfleet which observe from 2001 the observatories of Mauna – Kea Hawaii of USA, and which “JPL” of “NASA” falsely characterized as “New Natural Satellites of Saturn”, and which from 2000 has been stationed in the orbit of planet Saturn against the seven inner planets defensive perimeter “Cage” of the Dragonian Sin – Zion – Jedi domination, or for you to survive by pausing immediately the intellectual – economical – political – social – military subversion against the Nations - States of White and Black race, and by pausing immediately the execution of the Chinese Hyperlodge “HONG” scheme for the genocide of Whites and Blacks, and of the rest Mongolian Whiteyellow and Blackyellow Nations – Countries of the Planet in the Third World War until 2012.

Here are in summary the results of our research for the criminal prehistory and history of yours as twelve Mongolian Races of Israel:

1st) According to the Chinese and other texts of Prehistory, the Space Genitor of the Chinese, the Dragonian “God” Sin – Sion – Zion – Sinai – Jeid – Jed – Jude or Judas – Jedi – Sedi, commander of the Dragonian Starfleet and with flagship the Hybrid War Planet “MOON”, invaded in 20.000 B.C. in our Solar System, with failed attempt in 20.000 and successful attempt in 10.000 (11.500) B.C. of Lunar closure as a satellite of Earth.
Research relevant books of publicist scientists such as Raymond Drake and rest. Research the writings of the Soviet Academics scientists such as Vasin and Shcherbakov (Russian Academics VASIN and SHCHERBAKOV official suspicions about an artificial Moon ) which prove that the Moon is a hybrid natural – artificial giga-spaceship that came from another constellation.Research the ancient Hindu texts about space wars between the pre-existing “Solar Deities” of Father Zeus or DIAUS PITAR of the VARUNA DYNASTY or URANIDES of Andromeda, (Came from Uranus – Celestial)
[whom in your disgraceful religious writings you call Devil and Satan], and between the “Lunar Deities” of the Dragonian – Draco Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi – Sedi – Jude or Judas, whom you worship as allegedly “Being” or “Y.H.W.H.” or “Yahweh” in Hebrew, you the Hebrews, the Chinese, the Koreans from which you took the Israeli alphabet proving that you are Mongols, and whom they stupidly worship, the -from him genocided- white and black race Christians, as “God Father” of the Mongol Whiteyellow Rabbi – Medium – Dragonian magician Jesus Christ or Yehosoua or Yehosuva (=Yahweh’s Saviour). Research the ancient Hellenic texts such as “The Arcadians” of the Historian – Geographer Pausanias, in which it is certified that the “Hellenes Arcadians were Pro-Selenes or Pre-Lunar people” namely they were living in Planet Earth before the arrival of the Dragonian Moon.
Research in “John’s Revelation 12:1” of the Judeo-Christian “New Testament” the writings about Moon as a base of the Woman – Heavenly Sion (Zion) namely of the planetary command of Jedi – Sin – Sion – Zion – Jude or Judas. Research in “Psalms” of the Medium – Ancestor of yours Mongol David Chapter 71 or 72:7 in where Jedi – Sin – Sion – Zion admits that “The Moon will be ΑΝΤΑΝΑΙΡΕΘΕΙ” namely it will be recalled, namely it will departure – it will get away from the orbit of Earth, obviously because it will have completed the piratical robbery of the raw materials and metals of our Solar System, in order to settle in the Universal Coccygeal Centre, namely in the Solar System of Maximum Universal Densities of counter-clockwise matter, namely in the Solar System of “Sirius A’” in order to blackmail from there with Electromagnetic death, and destruction of constellations and galaxies and with massive genocide, all the populations of the Intelligent Beings in the Universe (Universal Organism).
Research the Mystical Secret Teaching of the Satanists Rabbis of yours, and of the same Satanists Judeo-Christians Monks of “Mount Athos” Chalkidiki Greece about:
“Future ΑΝΤΑΝΑΙΡΕΣΙΣ”, namely Future Recall – Departure of the Moon towards another Solar System.”Research in “Revelation 20:2-6” about the Thousand Years program of Jedi – Sin – Sion – Zion for the mining and robbery of Raw Materials and Metals of the planets of our Solar System, before the departure of the Moon. Because as Jedi states in your “Old Testament”: “The Gold and the Silver and the Copper belongs to the Lord” namely to Jedi. (Haggai 2:8, Joshua 6:19)
Research in the Judeo-Christian “Revelation 9:13-21” and “Revelation 19:11-21” that 200.000.000 of Chinese Dragonian Army has been programmed by Jedi – Sin – Sion – Zion – Jude or Judas in order to genocide all the White – Black – Whiteyellow Mongolian – and Blackyellow Mongolian races, and therefore AND YOU as Whiteyellow Mongols, namely the 2/3 of the Earth’s population, namely AND YOU and the rest Mongols oh! miserable goners Judeans and Hebrew-Saxons, namely 5 billion people, in order to survive only the 1/3 namely 2,5 billions Chinese and Koreans who will take care of the mining of Earth for 1000 years and to deliver the raw materials of the planets of our Solar System in the Space faring Dragonians of Jedi, and which Chinese and Koreans will also be annihilated AND THEM by Jedi at the end of the 1000 years period, because they will not be transferred for survival in the Moon as stupidly believe the Mandarins of the Chinese Lodge “HONG”, due to Earth’s Microbes and Viruses that they carry with them, and thus they would be lethal for the Endo-Lunar Dragonian Populations of 1st Dimension. (Bio Incompatibility)

2nd) Therefore the purpose of this Dragonian Space Invasion was and is without a doubt the piratical robbery – theft of metals, and crystals, and of the raw materials of the planets of our Solar System, with the use of Slaves (“Lord’s servants”) – Mines Workers – Slaves, as a work force taken from the Earth’s White Andromedian and Black Sirian Populations.Before the arrival in our Solar System the Dragonian Starfleet of Jedi – Sin – Sion – Zion – Jude – Judas, had come through – and wiped out the Raw Materials - and genocided – assimilated the Indigenous Human Races of the Solar Systems of the Constellation of the Network or “RETICULI”.

3rd) The first descend of the Dragonians as Genetically Engineered Humanoids (Humo-Saurians) in order to be able to survive from the attacks of the Earthborn microbes and viruses, namely the descend of the Yellow Chinese from the Moon towards Earth, happened in 11.500 B.C. in Atlantis of the White Andromedians Atlanteans (Also known as “The land of Neptune” Andromedian God-Inspector of the Water Dynamics, or “Water-Land”). Research relevant books of publicists such as Raymond Drake for the “Small Yellow Masters of Atlantis”. The Chinese of Atlantis provoked disputations between the Andromedians of Atlantis and the Andromedians Hellenes of Europe or Aegis with result a Global Superpower War between the two Andromedian White Populations of Atlantis – Aegis in 9.600 B.C.
Reasearch relevant books “Timaeus” and “Critias” of Plato.

4th) The result of this war conducted with weapons of concentrated energy which are not available in the modern weaponry, and through Nuclear Weapons of special effect was:
The defeat of the Andromedians Atlanteans by the Hellenes of Europe under the leadership of the first Athens now sunk in the Saronic Gulf.

5th) In order to avoid the landing operation and the territorial domination of the winners Andromedian Hellenes of Europe in Atlantis and the collective capture of the Dragonian Chinese of Atlantis from the winners, but also for reasons of vengeance against Hellenes, the Dragonians of the Moon unleashed war of Hyper-Gravity provocation against both Atlantis and Aegis, with result the sinking of both continents, Atlantis in the homonym Atlantic Ocean according to Plato, and Aegis in the Mediterranean Sea and in the Aegean Sea, as seas that were not pre-existed but were created in 9.600 B.C. Before the sinking of Atlantis, the Chinese of Atlantis were warned from the Lunar Dragonians in order to evacuate Atlantis and settle in the territories of modern China, a thing that indeed happened through massive genocides of the Male Hellenes – Ionians – or Yunnan, and through massive rapes of the Female Hellenes – Yunnan of Far East. Today Southern China is still named Yunnan – Ionia but all the there living Hellenes – Ionians – Yunnan have been brutally annihilated with billion victims by the humanoid Chinese mad animals of the Dragonian Pseudogod Jedi.

6th) The whiteyellow Mongoloids of South America came from willing racial intermarriage of the white Andromedian Atlantians with the there settlers Dragonian Yellow Chinese.

7th) You the Judeans, the Hebrew-Saxons, and all the rest White-Yellow Mongoloids and Black-Yellow Mongoloids of Planet Earth, are the genetic products of Massive Rapes of the Hellenes Women from the Chinese of Far East from 9.600 B.C. until 5.000 B.C., namely for 4.600 years continuously. Therefore you are White-Yellow genetic products of a Planetary Crime Curse and Massive Rape of Female Hellenes by the Chinese, and products of Planetary Crime Curse of massive genocide of Male Hellenes by the Chinese.
The same crimes you’ve committed against the black race.Therefore you are genetic products of planetary Chinese Dragonian War Crimes and Planetary Chinese Crimes against the White and Black Humanity of Planet Earth. Those Planetary Chinese Crimes have been recorded electromagnetically and automatically in the rocks of Planet Earth and in the homologue Akashic Records of our Solar System and of the Solar System of Sirius A’. (Blog’s commentary: As “electromagnetic recordings” accordingly in the outside “walls-rocks” solid-essences of these stellar systems – “cosmic eggs” according to the Orphics terminology, made with matter of higher dimension of rarification). Except of this automatic recording, the above mentioned planetary crimes of the Terran Chinese, of the Lunar Dragonians, and personally of the Pseudo-god of yours Sin – Sion – Zion – Sinai – Jedi – Sedi – Jude or Judas, have been disclosed to every other Galactic Constellations up to the Metropolitan Andromeda, by the EndoEarthlings – InnerEarthlings remaining Andromedians of Zeus, by the Andromedians who still occupy the four external planets Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and by the technology of amplified inductive beam “LINK – NETRINO - NASER” of G.H.REES, and therefore the 360 War Planets of visible matter and the 600 invisible War Planets of higher dimensions (of matter rarification) of the Andromedians who have arrived and stationed in the orbit of planet Saturn, and have been characterized falsely by “JPL” of “NASA” as allegedly “New Natural Satellites of Saturn”, know what will be the biological extermination – and the punitive genocide that they must commit in Planet Earth and in the Dragonian Starfleet.

8th) The demon possessed and the occupied by demons of Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi falseprophets of yours, through the miserable fraud of the false chronology of your hypothetical nominally non-existing predecessors of yours Mongols Hebrews, forced in the White Andromedian and in the Black Sirian Humanity as “Devine Revelation” the false “Genesis” of the “Old Testament”, in where the Lunar and the Terran Chinese appear as allegedly “pre-existing Gods Elohim”, you the Hebrew Mongols appear as allegedly the first humans created allegedly by God (…namely by the rapes of the Hellenes Women of Far East by the Chinese) in 5.000 B.C. through the non-existing Adam and Eve, and the rest pre-existing humans of White and Black race appear as allegedly “Animals” (Goyim) created by God Jedi – Sin – Sion – Zion in the previous five days – periods of the Genesis Creation.”
The above are proved by the disgraceful satanic religious book of yours “Talmud” in which you directly abuse all the humans of White and Black race as “Animals” “Goyim”, in which you the disgraceful racists Hebrews stupidly and criminally claim that the Mongols “Hebrews are the only humans that live in planet Earth”, and that those “humans” have the right to genocide the non Hebrews because the non Hebrews are expendable animals and not humans”.

9th) From 5.000 B.C. till today, you the disgraceful racists Mongols Hebrews Genociders, have replaced the Chinese in the genocides against the White and Black Nations of the Planet.

10th) According to your “Old Testament”, your central Mongolian Hebrew Horde marched from the Mongolian city “Ur” of Chaldea Mesopotamia under your genitors Tharra and Abraham or HABRA-HAM or KHAN namely Mongolian Han (King of the Judean Habra) namely of the Hebrew Mongolian Horde (Genesis 11:24-32”, and “Genesis 12:1-7”). Your genitor Mongolian city “Ur” of Chaldea according to official history – prehistory had as a Patron God the God Sin – Sion – Zion – Sinai of the Moon, namely the Galactic Arch-criminal Space bandit Satan – Devil Jedi – Sedi – Jeid – Jed – Jude – Judas as a Dragonian God of the Sin or Sinese or Chin or Chinese. (See: Sinic Wall from Sin – Sinos ancient Hellenic nomenclature for the Chinese)

11th) According to your “Old Testament”, Abraham relocated to Egypt, were he gave as a harlot his wife Sarah to the Pharaoh of Egypt, and got as a price of this prostitution many flocks of sheep, gold and silver, and returned to Palestine in order to begin the work of the genocide of the there Cretan colonists namely of the Philistines or Palestinians Hellenes (“Genesis 12:10-20” and “Genesis 13:1-4”).

You the disgraceful Judeans and Hebrew-Saxons in your satanic diabolic “Talmud” abuse all the women of white and black race as “harlots”. The facts prove the exact opposite:
All you the Judeans and all you the Hebrew-Saxons are Mongols – Sons of the harlot Sarah and of his pimp husband Abraham, namely you are sons of prostitution and connubial bawdiness.

The same prostitutions with eponyms from other races, from Abraham until today, you have ordered and you are ordering to your Judean and Hebrew-Saxon Women of yours: Actors – Journalists – Models – and rest, you the pimp men Rabbis – Fathers – Husbands – and Brothers Judeans and Hebrew-Saxons, with purpose your bawdiness enrichment and the espionage against the countries of the other races. Your women, Judeans and Hebrew-Saxons, are the greatest harlots – spies in the planet, according to the image and likeness of the first teacher ArchHarlot – ArchSpy Sarah of Abraham against the Hellenogenes Egypt (Aigyptos => Aig-Yptos => Yptios Aigaiou => Below Aegis or The Country the lies beneath the Aegean)

12th) According to your “Old Testament” (“Genesis 33:18-20”, “Genesis 34:1-31”), the pimp Abraham and his harlot wife Sarah gave birth to Isaac. Isaac gave birth to Jacob who gave birth to 12 sons, as the 12 genitors of the 12 tribes of Israel, and daughters, amongst them “Dinah”. In order to wipeout and steal the flocks, the gold and the silver, and in order to rape the Hellenes women of the Hellenic Cretan Palestinian City “Sihem” the Mongolian bandits “Jacob Inc.” of his 12 criminal genociders sons, send alone her sister “Dinah” in order to move her ass outside from the palace of the King of “Sihem” in order for the successor son of the King to screw her, a thing that finally happened. After that the stupid successor asked “Dinah” for his wife from her father Jacob. Jacob and his 12 sons agreed deviously under the term of circumcision for all the men of “Sihem”. All stupidly accepted the term, with result the third day after the circumcision as a day of maximum pain in their circumcised genital organs, the sons of Jacob butchered all the men of the Hellenic city of “Sihem”, robbed their fortunes, captured their wives, their flocks, and their children, and left by leaving behind them a dead annihilated Hellenic Palestinian City.

13th) According to your “Old Testament”, “Exodus 12th Chapter”, the same genocide of all the firstborn children of Egyptians Hellenes, and the same robbery you have committed before your exodus from Egypt under the leadership of your Hebrews predecessors Mongolian Criminals genociders Moses and Aaron:
“And the children of Israel did according to the word of Moses; and they borrowed of the Egyptians jewels of silver, and jewels of gold, and raiment. And the LORD (Jedi – Sedi – Sin – Sion – Sinai) gave the people favour (sic: then the way of genocide was named “favour from the Lord”) in the sight of the Egyptians, so that they lent (namely: wiped out and robbed) unto them such things as they required. And they spoiled the Egyptians. (Read “Exodus chapther 12:35”)

14th) According to your “Old Testament” Book “Deuteronomy” Chapters 7:1, 2, 16, 22, and 9:1, 2, 3, and 9:1, 2, 3, and 11:23, and 12:2, 29 and 15:6, and 19:1, and 20:10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 and 28:12,13 and 31:3, and 33:17, 19 (Septuagint translation: «ΕΘΝΗ ΕΞΟΛΟΘΡΕΥΣΟΥΣΙ» namely the Hebrews will exterminate the Nations of the Palestinians – Philistines), is proved that before your invasion in the Hellenic Palestine, coming from Egypt in where you had already annihilated the Hellenes Egyptians, you had programmed in every detail the genocide of 7 million people of White Race, namely of the 6 Palestinian Nations of Cretan – Hellenic Origin: Girga****es, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, Jebusites, and whites Chetteans Minor Asia colonists, a genocide that you committed by left alive only minor traces of those nations, namely modern Palestinians who you try today to annihilate with every way possible as you have done as cowards bloodthirsty murderers in 31 May 2010 in the International Waters of Palestinian Gaza.

15th) We the Historians of G.H.REES, Roger De Garaudy the Leader of the French Left, the British Historian Irving, the British Historian Faurisson and many other historians, proved that the members of the 3rd Reich: Adolf Hisler or Hitler, Heinrich Himmler leader of “S/S”, Borman, Müller, Haushoffer, Lincoln Von Trebits and the rest Nazi Leaders of the 3rd Reich were Hebrew-Mongolian in origin just like the Hebrew-German Bankers that bankrolled them, in order to commit the false “Holocaust” of the 60.000 pseudo-Hebrews “Ashkenazim” or forced to Judaism Askanians Hellenes of the Proussa Area in Minor Asia, which falsely you the disgraceful genociders Rabbis exaggerated to 6.000.000 by adding two zeroes of the false “Hebrew Holocaust”, under which you the genociders Hebrews and the “Major Israel” of “USA” today you genocide -without being punished-, the people of Yugoslavia, of Iraq, of Afghanistan, of Palestine, and other nations of the Planet.

16th) The true “Holocaust” is not the false “Hebrew Holocaust” of the Hebrews in the Forced Labour Camps of the 3rd Reich, but is the holocaust of the 7 Hellenic Palestinian Nations that you have annihilated and wildly robbed in Palestine under the leadership of your Satanist leader Joshua of Navi successor of Moses, the holocaust of unknown million Egyptians Hellenes (and firstborn children of the Egyptians Hellenes) that you have annihilated and wildly robbed before your exodus from Egypt under the leadership of your leader Moses (Blog’s commentary: The lunar possessed Moses with the Lunar “Horns - crescent” on his head, as an emblem of the lunar god Sin – Sion – Sinai – Jedi – Sedi of the moon-worshippers Chaldeans, in the mountain Sinai or Sion or Zion or Sina or China, SEE LINK: ), the holocaust of the settlers of the Hellenic – Palestinian city “Sihem” that you have genocided and wildly robbed, and the holocausts of other ancient people that you have committed with the pretext of “Idolatry” which was taught to the ancient nations by the ancient priesthoods under the possession of demons of your same god of yours Sin – Sion – Sinai – Jedi – Jude or Judas, in order to give to the Mongolian Israelites the religious alibi of the genocide of those nations through religious wars.

17th) In the 7th Century before Mongol Christ you have overwhelmed the Hellenic Athens as “Gefyrean Municipality” and with a coordinated conspiracy with the religious stupid Spartans who worshiped the Dragonian Moon of the god Sin – Jedi, and who according to the claims of the Hebrew Maccabees in “Old Testament” accepted stupidly and falsely that: “They were Children - Descendants of Abraham”, you have overthrown with murders the Hellenes Governors Peisistratians with murderers the Gefyreans – Hebrews homosexuals “Lovers” namely “Male Public Whores” Harmodius and Aristogeiton, and you have forced the Hebrew Anarchist Democracy – Chaoscracy, under which Athens has genocided the settlers of the Hellenic Aegean islands, and the Hellenic male population through civil wars between Hellenic cities.

18th) 8 centuries earlier, by having corrupted with your priesthoods the Hellenes Dorians – Trojans, through the Mongolian part of Heteans or Goths as half ancestors of modern Germans, you blackmailed with destructive iniquitous toll gates the passage of the Hellenic shipping towards Hellispondos, and finally you ordered the kidnapping of the King of Greece wife from a prince of Troy, in order to provoke the assault of western Hellenism in order to destruct the Eastern Hellenism, namely the Trojans, and the Phrygians, and the Heteans, today the Italians, the French, and the Germans accordingly, all moved mandatorily in Western Europe, by left behind them free ground for the invasion of the Mongolian Hordes until the horde of your samerace Mongols Seljuq Turks with origin the modern Chinese Turkestan.

19th) In the same time depth you have provoked multiyear civil Endo-Pelasgian wars between the Pelasgians Heteans – Goths and Egyptians Hellenes, civil wars that destroyed both parties, in order for you to be able to found the state of Israel without the existence of the Pelasgian Hetean Gothic power in the North and without the existence of the Egyptian Hellenic power from the South.

20th) While the Hebrew-Occupied Democratic (mob-cratic) Athens and the treasonous Thebes and Sparta destroyed Greece with civil wars and genocides of the Hellenic islands, you with the black magic of your Satanist prophet Daniel, and through instructions by the demons of Sin – Sion – Sinai – Jedi – Jude or Judas towards the Persian priesthoods of King Cyrus, you destroyed and genocided the Hellenic Babylon, by having previously genocided the Hellenes Assyrians of Ninevi. Tenths of millions dead Hellenes in Mesopotamia, in a holocaust of Hellenes from which the blood painted red the waters of the river Tigris, of the river Euphrates, and of the Persian Gulf.

21st) From the book “Esther” of your “Old Testament”, is proved that the Hebrew Esther with the conspiracies of the Persian Hebrew “Mardochaios”, became wife of the king of Persia “Assouiri” or Xerxis A’, and manipulate him in order to attack against metropolitan Greece and attempt to annihilate it completely.Xerxis A’ in 480 B.C. with an army of 2.300.000 men and 800.000 men of Army Supply namely of a total 3.000.000 men according to the historian Herodotus and with arch-general the Hebrew Mardonios or Mardochaios prime minister of Persia, attacked against Greece, in order to genocide the Hellenes. The psychological defeat of Persians in Thermopylae by 1000 Thespians and 300 Spartans heroes disobedient to the Lunar Possessed Moon Worshippers priesthood of Ephors in Sparta, their naval defeat in Salamis, and their military defeat in Plataies the next year, forced them to abort the genocide of Hellenes, organized by you the Satanists Hebrews of Persia.

22nd) Before the military assault against Greece, the traitor of Persia Xerxis A’, under conspiracies by the Hebrew Mardochaios prime minister of Persia, and by the Hebrew Esther as queen of Persia, ordered the genocide of all dissident military personnel that wanted the overthrown and the expel of the Hebrews from the State Authorities of Persia, as a white Pelasgian Nation, descendant of the Hellene Space Hero Perseus. After the above mentioned genocide of the Persian Patriots that you the Hebrews celebrate as the “Furim” holiday or “Purim”, Persia was corrupted till today by Hebrews, such as the crypto-hebrews Shiite Pseudo-Muslims priests of Iran, and the crypto-hebrews leaders of Iran, such as the allegedly anti-Semite anti-Zionist Ahmadinejad, ordered to ignite World War 3 in collusion with the Hebrews of the State of Israel.

23rd) According to the Roman Historian and Orator Cicero, after the defeat of Egypt by the Romans, 1.500.000 Hebrew murderous parasites overwhelmed Italia and conspired with any way possible against Rome which finally they destroyed. Under the Roman Empire rule, the Hebrews of Cyprus genocided 250.000 Greek Cypriots, drunk their blood, ate their flesh raw, wrapped the guts of the dead Hellenes around their waist, and demonically danced in ecstasy, in a genocidal hysteria of the man-eaters – blood drinkers – hateHellenists – humanoid monsters Hebrews.The same committed coinstantaneously the humanbeasts Hebrews against the Hellenes of the Cyrenaic Peninsula of modern Libya, with result Rome to be forced to expel all the Hebrews from Cyprus and from Libya.In both cases the Hebrews were executing the orders of the rabid hateHellenist Hebrew “Prophet Zachariah of the Old Testament” who in the ninth chapter of his book, is ordering the Hebrews to consume, namely to eat the flesh of the Hellenes, and to drink their blood, and to get drunk by their blood as would be if they drunk wine. This is the diachronic genocidal satanic people of Hebrews, namely of Judeans and of the Hebrew-Saxons – Anglo-Saxons.

24th) During the duration of the thousand years Byzantium Empire, the Hebrews of Byzantium were guiding the Mongolian Hordes in the genocidal places of white nations.First they guided the Mongolian horde of Genghis Khan in Persia – Iran, a horde which genocided without reason 6.000.000 unarmed white Pelasgians Persians – Iranians, namely women and children.In the modern analogue, the cryptohebrews Shiite Pseudo-Muslims priests and leaders of Iran, prepare methodically the recording the detection of the remaining white Persians – Iranians, in order for them to be annihilated until the last one by the Sino-Mongolian Axis “C.J.T.H.S.M.” (China – Japan – Tibet – Hebrews – Saxons – Mongolia) and from the pure dragonian Sinic – Korean Axis “C.C.” (China and Korea) in the Third World War.

25th) The Hebrews of Byzantium guided the Mongolian Horde of the Petsenegians Bulgarians in order to settle in the Hellenic “Moesia” current Bulgaria, and to genocide the there living Hellenic populations of Northern – Eastern – Western Romilia. The Bulgarians genocided the Hellenic Macedonia and Thrace in 1941 – 45.

26th) The Hebrews of Byzantium guided the Seljuk Turks Mongols to settle in the Hellenic Minor Asia and Eastern Thrace, current Turkey, and to genocide and enslave the there living Hellenic populations of Byzantium and Constantinople.
The Turks genocided the Hellenes of Minor Asia in 1920 and expelled all the Hellenes of Constantinople in 1955 with the technique “Purim” of the incendiarism of Kemal Ataturk house in Thessaloniki by a “MIT” agent. Today Turkey demands the domination over the Hellenic Thrace and the Hellenic islands of Eastern Aegean and in Southern Cyprus.

27th) The Hebrews of Byzantium guided the Mongols Albanians of the Chinese Turkestan to settle in the Hellenic Northern Epirus, current Albania, and to genocide the there living Hellenes Pelasgians Illyrians. Today the Albanian Mongols demand the domination over the Hellenic Epirus as “Chameria”.

28th) Before and after the fall of Constantinople by the Mongolian Turks in 1453, the Hebrews of Western Europe with the method of: “We lend and we confiscate and buy out the bankrupted Domains – Counties – Baronages – Princedoms – and Kingdoms”, bought the German Kingdoms of Hanover, and of Upper and Lower Saxony, of Sachs – Koen – Burg – Gotha of Bavaria and others, and provoked endo-European wars of genocide of the white European populations, until and the First World War.

29th) The First World War was provoked by the allegedly Anarchist and allegedly Serbian Gabriel Princip of Hebrew origin, who under the orders of Serbia Rabbis murdered the Prince successor of Austro-Hungary, with result the conflict between the German-Austrian coalition and the Pan-Slavic Russia, with involvement of England – France – USA, and other nations.
Dead: 80.000.000 white Europeans Pelasgians, from war, illnesses, and hunger.

30) Before the end of First World War in 1918, namely in 1917, the Hebrews of Russia together with the Mongols of Russia overthrowned the Tsar of Russia and mainly through the Hebrew Joseph Ju-(Jew)ghashvili Vissarionovich or “Stalin”, annihilated tenths of millions of white Pelasgian Russians – Scythians, in a purely racist and pseudo-class-struggle genocide. Theoretician writer of the pseudo-class-struggle Communist theory, the Rabbi-Kid Charles Mardochaios or Mardochai (Murdoch) or “Marx”.

31st) In September of 1939 the Hebrew origin Adolf Hisler or Hitler, bastard son of the Hebrew Banker Rothschild of Frankfurt, with the method of provocation “Purim” about the allegedly committed military border assault of Poland against Germany, invaded in Poland. His ally the Hebrew Benjamin Moses or Benito Mussolini of Italia, the Mongol White-Yellow Hirohito, emperor of Japan, and the temporary ally of him, the Hebrew Jew-ghashvili-Stalin, who in 1941 jumped to the reverse camp, which was governed by the Hebrew Churchill or Cherzl England, and by the Hebrew Roosevelt or Rosenwelt of USA. Theoretician writer of the Nazi nationalist socialist theory the German Hebrew Alfred Rosenberg. Writer of the Anglo-American capitalist theory the Hebrew-American Adam Smith.
And whoever stupid reader of the present text didn’t get the point, we call him to ask urgently for psychiatric help.
Dead: 120.000.000 white Pelasgians Goths – Germans, Ukrainians, Russians, Hellenes, Americans, and rest, from war, hunger, and illnesses.

Greece in the Second World War suffered the assault by the armies of the Italian Hebrew Benjamin Mose or Mussolini, and of the German Hebrew Adolf Hitler who excavated and wiped out the cemetery of the Hebrew village Brau-Nau in the border of Germany – Austria in where he was expelled by the Rothchilds of Frankfurt, in order for the Germans to not locate and see the Star of David that was displayed over the graves of Hisler – Hitler as ancestors of the foster-parents of Hitler.

32nd) Greece due to the defensive preparation by the general and afterwards prime minister Ioannis Metaxas (See Constructions of the Rupel Fortifications of Strymon connected defensively up to the Fortifications of Crete through the Aegean) due to the strategic intelligence of the arch-General Alexandros Papagos, and due to the Heroism of Hellenes, won in both conflicts, but in the Greek-German war committed treason the Hebrew-Saxons Kings of Greece Glücksburg and the Masons and the Greek-Hebrew politicians of Athens who ordered to the winners Hellenes Heroes of the Rupel Strymon Fortifications to surrender without reason to the Germans, who surprised saw for the first time in their lives the winners to surrender to the losers.

The purpose of this treason was to provoke the foundation of right and left paramilitary guerilla groups, who instead of engaging in conflict with the Germans, finally they engaged in a Hellenic Civil War, with result 1.500.000 dead Hellenes from Civil War, hunger – and illnesses, and the until today division in the social civil war of the stupid neo-Greeks in left and right wingers, for their division and for their enslavement to the Greek-Hebrews and to the foreigners Hebrews politicians of the “European Union” and of “NATO” using the method of “Divide and Conquer”.

33rd) The final purpose of this enslavement: The modern destruction of the Greek Army, the invasion of the Mongolian armies of the “B.A.S.T.R.” axis (Bulgaria – Albania – Skopje – Turkey – Romania) in Greece, and the genocide of the Greeks of Northern – Central – Western – and Insular Greece, and finally the “Compensation” – “Purim” of Greece by “NATO” through the offer of the “B.A.S.T.R.” territories to Greece, as the first territories of the “Neo-Byzantine Greek Empire 666” with Constantinople as its capital, and the offer of the Arch-Strategy provocation of the entire “NATO” in Greece against the Armies of the “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islam – China or “Shanghai Pact”) in order for the counter-attacking “R.I.C.” (1st Phase), and “C.J.T.H.S.M.” (2nd Phase) and “C.C.” (China – Korea) (3rd Phase), to annihilate 5 billion people of White – Black – and Mongolian race, including and the until today genociders White-Yellow Mongolian Judeans and Hebrew-Saxons, with reason their non-yellow racial purity.

34th) This is in brief the criminal genocidal action of the Judeans and of the Hebrew-Saxons Israelites from 5.000 Before Mongol Christ till today, as the chosen people of Satan Devil Sin – Sion – Sinai – Jedi – Jude – Judas over the earth.
Same the Jedi same and his people Israel.Annihilator of Planetary Populations the Jedi, annihilators of nations and the people of Israel.
Murderer – Bandit of Planetary Raw Materials the Jedi, murderers – bandits and the people of Israel, as they did to the ships of unarmed humanitarians in 31 May of 2010, outside of the territorial waters of Israel and of Gaza, with purpose the complete food and drugs blockade of the Hellenes Palestinians of Gaza, in order for them -according to the ancient Mongolic – Zionistic – Sinistic (Chinese) Program of “Deuteronomy” “Old Testament” of the paragraph 14 of the present text-, to die and to be annihilated till the last one, because they are Hellenogenes descendants of Cretans and genetic Childs of the “Devil Zeus”, according to “Genesis” and “Revelation” of the satanic “Holy Scripture”. See “New Testament” “Revelation 2:12-13” and Old Testament” “Genesis 3:14-15”. In the first fragment as “Devil” is considered falsely the before 9.600 years departed Andromedian Planetary Commander Zeus – Jupiter, because the Hellenic Priesthoods of the Hellenic city of Pergamon of Minor Asia, today occupied by the Mongolian – Hebrew Turkey, as priesthoods possessed by Demons of the Dragonian Sin – Sion – Sinai – Jedi who were falsely impersonating the Hyper-Scientists commanders “Gods of the Hellenic Dodecatheon” had converted the sciences of Zeus into religions of Black Magic and Satanism of Jedi, and had constructed in Pergamon the largest religious Holy – Temple of Zeus in the world, today relocated entirely in the Berlin Museum of Germany.

Pergamon of Minor Asia before 9.600 B.C., was indeed the centre of the Scientific Academia and the Planetary Commanding Centre of Zeus as a planetary Andromedian Commander.
Fragments of those Scientific Academies of Zeus were the writings of the Library of Pergamon, which the authorities of Permagon gave away to Rome, together with the treasure of Pergamon.
Today those two, namely the writings of the Pergamon Library and the treasure of Pergamon, are located under the occupation of the Judeo-Christian Vatican of Rome – Italy.

In the second fragment, “Genesis 3:14-15”, the charlatan Jedi allegedly talks with the essentially absent planetary commander Zeus, and abuse him as “Animal Snake” because according to the Satanic Hebrew book “Talmud”, AND the Andromedian “Gods” of Hellenes AND Hellenes as genetic sperm of Zeus, are “Animals – Goyim”.

● In continuation the Dragonian Jedi prophesized (Read: Programmed) that he would provoke enmities between the “Snake” Zeus, namely between the Dragonian Demon which will provocatively impersonate the absent true Zeus, and between the Dragonian “Woman”, namely of the Space Dragonian Lunar Command of Sin – Sion – Jedi (“Revelation 12:1”)

● The above mentioned statement of Jedi in 5.000 B.C. is ridiculous and without meaning. Because already before 4.600 years, namely in 9.600 B.C. Zeus and his Scientific Staff, after a futile Space War with the Lunar Dragonian Superior Combat Forces, had departed from our planet, towards the 4 external planets, by calling for support the Federal Governmental Galactic Starfleet, already arrived, and today visible in the orbit of Planet Saturn.

In continuation Jedi stated that: “He will provoke enmities between the “Sperm of Zeus” namely between Hellenes – and the rest White Andromedian Nations of Planet Earth, and between the “Sperm of the Lunar Dragonian Woman” namely the Yellow Chinese, with prophecy – program that: The Hellenes and the rest White Nations will “Bite the heel” of the Chinese, namely they will provoke to them a non lethal wound, while the Chinese will crush the heads of Hellenes, namely they will annihilate them completely.

This prophecy – program of the Dragonian Jedi is realized today by the Mongolian White-Yellow Hebrews and Saxons and Japanese, which organise the White Trilateral Axis “US.E.J.” (USA – Europe – Japan) in order for it to assault under the Greek leadership of the “LA.O.S. 666” party (People’s Orthodox Alert) from the future capital Constantinople of the “New Greek Byzantine Empire 666” against China of the “R.I.C.” axis (Russia – Islam – China) for the provocation of minor damage, namely for only “bite of the heel” in order for the counter-attacking Chinese Army and the Armies of Russia and Islamic States to annihilate the White Nations with first victims the worldwide Hellenes, namely to “crush their heads” with lethal damages of total annihilation.

G.H.REES Group of Hellenic Re-establishment, informed by the Endo-Earthlings Andromedians Hellenes, through their electromagnetic transmissions “LINK – NETRINO – NASER” of amplified beam, and through same transmissions coming from the area of planet Saturn, about the criminal schemes of Sin – Sion – Sinai – Zion – Jedi – Jude – Judas with purpose the genocide of all the non pure yellow people, namely for the genocide of the 2/3rds namely 5 billion people from the global population of 7,5 billion people of planet Earth, is publicising those schemes and intercept – foils this genocide.

Because the Dragonian resourceful stupid Jedi – Sin – Sion – Zion – Judas didn’t take into account that the White Andromedian Hellenes, Space faring and Earth based, are by nature smarter and wiser than the space retarded barbarian sauroid Dragonians, namely than the Space faring Chinese of the Moon, and than the Terran Chinese of the Hyperlodge “HONG”, and than the mindless Terran Mongolians Hebrews and Saxons.

35th) Here though in honor of the true universal God or Universal Intelligent Organism or “PAN”(Everything) and in dishonor of Sin – Sion – Zion –Jedi, we are obliged to reveal the grand terminological fraud – forgery – and false impersonation of the millennia which committed the lunar Jedi – Sin – Sion – Sinai – Zion – Jude – Judas against the Universal God “PAN”(Everything) or “BEING”.In order for him to be able to befool the white and black nations of the planet that allegedly “He is the Universal God “PAN” or “Being”” who already was known by the above mentioned nations, and in order to befool the nations that allegedly the Chinese and the Hebrew genociders are the chosen people of the “Being” who have the God given right to genocide other nations, the lunar Sin – Sion – Jedi – Judas, through the Chinese and the Hebrews mediums – prophets of him, falsely claimed that he the same is the Universal God “Pan” or “Being”. But the term “ΩΝ”-“Being” is participle of the verb “ΕΙΜΙ”-“I am” of the ancient Hellenic Language, and translates to:
● HEBREW: Because the Hebrew language is imperfect, it doesn’t have an isolate term for the articulate participle “The Being” and thus the Hebrews were using the periphrastic term of four words “Ja – Hamah – Va – Hamah” namely “I am that I am”. The original letters of the four words are forming the acronym “JHVH” in which arbitrarily the Rabbis of the various countries added vowels and converted it to “Jehovah” with omission of the last “H”, in “JEHOVA”, etc.

Because then, the acronym tetragrammaton “JHVH” is the compact periphrastic translation in Hebrew of the term “I am” as an alternative name of “PAN”(Everything), thereat when the Hebrews are identifying “JHVH”, namely the “Being”, namely the Universal “PAN” (SYM-PAN, Cosmos, Everything), with the Dragonian arch-criminal Satan – Devil Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi – Judas are committing deception, because Sin – Sion – Zion - Jedi – Judas is a lethal enemy of “JHVH” or “The Being” or “PAN”, because Sin – Zion by exploding the planet Phaethon between Mars and Jupiter (Today’s Asteroid Belt) and by destroying the Ecology – Harmony of Gaia as a living cell inside the body of the uncreated “PAN”, is killing the body of “The Being” or “PAN” or “JHVH”.

The above are becoming loud and clear when the Hellene Reader reads all that are written in “Exodus” Chapters 3:14 and 6:3 of the “Old Testament”, where Jedi is trying and succeeds to befool the Hebrews by identifying falsely his self with “The Being” or “I am” or “JHVH” or in alteration “JEOVA”
CONCLUSION: The Lunar Jedi – Sin – Sion –Zion is “Pseudo-Jehovah” and “Pseudo-Being”.

Of course, the so called “Holy Scripture” of the Judeo-Christians is a Dragonian Lunar Satanic deception of Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi, as they are also satanic deceptions all the religions which are based in this false Dragonian “Holy Scripture”.

And of course,
The nations must call “The Being” in their own mother languages. For example the English-speaking must use the term “THE BEING”, the French-speaking must use “L’ETANT”, the Italian-Speaking must use “L’ENTE”, and the German-speaking must use “DER SEIEND”, and the rest in their own languages, and not all to mouth stupidly the Hebrew “Jehovah”, which must only be used by the Hebrews, because “Jehovah” in the other languages except the Hebrew, means absolutely nothing, and is a babble-dead Hebrew word without any context whatsoever, because the Universal God doesn’t have a name, neither …Jim nor Jehovah, you clownish Hebrews.

36th) At the end of the present text we are obliged to reveal that the Greek-Turkish humanitarian operation of 31st May in favor of Palestine and in favor of the Palestinians in Gaza, from the side of the Turkish organizers contained the deceit of the entrapped fraternization of the “Good” Greeks and Turks against the “Evil” Israelis, in order for Greeks to stupidly accept the 21 treasonous agreements of satellitezation of Greece by the Turks, which signed the treasonous Greek-Hebrew Government of “PASOK” during the beginnings of the new Turkish occupation of Greece which begun in 14th May 2010, with the invasion of the ministers of the cunning prime minister of Turkey Erdogan in Greece.
The entire operation was staged in collusion of Turkey with Israel, with the agreement that Israel will hold the course of the fleet towards Gaza without using violence.
But the stupidity of the Turkish and of the Israelis cow-boys schizophrenic blood-drinkers commandos provoked a fiasco of Hebrew-Turkish relations breach with winner side Greece and the Palestinians.

37th) The war criminal against Hellenes – Palestinians and the criminal against the Palestinian Humanity, rotten-humanoid nazi schizophrenic murderer prime minister of Israel Netanyahu by making an apology for the 19 dead and the 60 wounded of the fleet towards Gaza, stated to the international “Media” that this happened in order to not be able to enter illegally in Palestine the Iranian missiles against Israel.

We respond by asking:

● 1st: Which missiles you rotten criminal, when the cargos of the fleet had been researched thorough by the authorities from the country of the ports of loading and departure?

● 2nd: Which missiles you rabid descendant of the blood-drinker prophet – medium Zachariah, when the children in Gaza are dying from the lack of food and drugs, while the fleet that you have blocked, you Hebrew rotten catamite, contained 10.000 tons of food and drugs of ultra-urgent need and consuming?

● 3rd: Which Iranian missiles you disgraceful Hebrew hypocrite, when Israel is in collusion with the crypto-hebrews Shiite leaders of Iran, with agreement of Iran to supply with weapons and missiles Hamas and Hezbollah which Iran founded, in order to give Israel the alibi to genocide with everyday aerial bombardments the Hellenes Palestinians?

38th) Hear that you evil Nazi Fascist genocider bandit people of Israel and Hebrew-Saxons:
Cursed will be Israel and his criminal genocider space-bandit Dragonian Lunar god, Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi – Judas, in front of the true Universal God “PAN” or “Being” and in front of His Universal Hierarchy.

● The biological end of Israel, of the Hebrew-Saxons namely of the Anglo-Saxons, of the rest Mongols, of the Dragonian Chinese, and of the space Dragonians of Sin – Sion – Zion – Jedi – Judas, is near, in case that they don’t change immediately their conduct against the other beings of this planet. If they turn the Telescopes of their observatories towards the side of Saturn they will understand what we mean. And they will understand what exactly awaits them.It awaits them only the penalty of the collective death and of the collective genocide as a minimal penalty for their crimes that they committed continuously for 11.600 years over the surface of planet Earth._

GENOCIDERS HEBREWS: The blood-drinkers and human-eaters rabid hate-Hellenes prophets of yours in “Old Testament”, as satanic mediums – black magicians of the Space Chinese Hyper-criminal Dragonian God of yours Sin – Sion – Sinai – Zion – Jedi – Jude – Judas, forced you continuously to genocide the Hellenic coastal cities of Palestine: Gaza, Akkaron, Ioppe, Azotus, Ascalon, and the Phoenician cities Tyre and Sidon, with genitor of the Phoenicians the Hellene Phoenix [ as brother of the Hellenes Kadmos – Kilikos – and Europa, all children of the ex king of Hellenic Argos Agenor and Argiope or Telephassis, and father of the Hellenes Peiros – Astypalaia – Adonis – and rest ], son of the Hellene King of Argos Agenor. Today, the genocidal crimes of yours Hebrews against the Palestinian Gaza, is an application of those orders from the rabid man-beasts genociders Hebrews prophets of yours – mediums – black magicians of the Dragonian Sin – Sion – Sinai – Zion – Jedi – Jude – Judas, against the Hellenic Gaza. In the Old Testament, book “Joshua of Navi” Chapters 10, 11, 12, 13, research the genetic slaughter – certify the general slaughter – genocide which unleashed the arch-butcher of the Hellenes Cretans Palestinians, Joshua of Navi, against the Hellenic City – States Gai, Jericho, Hebron, Jerusalem, Jarmuthia, Lahis, Eglonos, Makkedonos, Livnas, Gezerias, Debirias, Ashdoth (Today’s Hebrew port Ashdot were the Hebrews bandits have captured the fleet that carried humanitarian help in favor of Gaza in 31 May 2010), Kadis, Gaza, Gesenia, and rest cities. In “Joshua of Navi” 15:47 you write that “Gaza and the towns and the villages of Gaza, up to the torrent of Egypt (Nile River) and the grand sea (Mediterranean Sea) will be the domination limit of the Hebrews”.In “Joshua of Navi” 13:1-6 between others you write that “The Gaza people, must be annihilated by the Hebrews”, say the lord Sin – Sion – Sinai – Jedi – Jude – Judas or Elohim or Eloh or Allah. So then, worship Elloh – Allah you goners Islamists of Palestine and of the other Islamic Nations.
In “Old Testament” Books “Judges 1:1-18”, “A’ Kings 18:1-18”, “A’ Chronicles 7:20-28”, “Amos 1:6-8”, “Sofonias 2:4-7”, and especially in “Zachariah 9:1-15”, you clearly and directly write that the space Chinese arch-Criminal Sin – Sion – Sinai – Zion – Jedi – Jude – Judas or Eloh or Allah, through his black magicians, Hebrews prophets – mediums, ordered the Hebrews to genocide all the settlers of the Gaza strip, as children of Hellas, and to eat their flesh, and to drink their blood, and to get drunk from the blood of Hellenes, like they drunk from wine, until the last one Palestinian Hellene Cretan colonist. These criminal orders are applied even today by the criminals against humanity Hebrews.

In application of the above mentioned orders of the Satanists prophets of the space Chinese Sin – Sion – Jedi – Jude – Judas, the Hebrews founded in Palestine the Zionistic terrorists organizations “STERN” and “IRGUN” of the Hebrew “BUTCHER” genocider of Palestinians Menahem Begin, and “HAGANAH” and “BETAR” and “HERUT” which “HERUT” was converted to a political party with president the “BUTCHER” Begin, and “GAHAL”, from which originated the ultra right wing Zionist party “LIKUND” which in 1977 became the Government of Israel with prime minister the Arch-Criminal “BUTCHER” genocider of the Palestinians Menahem Begin.
The above mentioned Hebrew terrorist organizations committed between others the below war crimes and crimes against humanity.

A: 25.11.1940 They blew up the Italian ship “Patria” in Haifa port. 300 dead.

B: 6.11.1944 They murdered in Cairo the British minister of Middle East Subjects, Lord Moyne.

C: 22.07.1946 They blew up the hotel “King David” of Jerusalem. 95 dead Arabs, British, and Hebrews.

D: In 1946 – 1947, they blew up the British Embassy in Rome, and mailed to all the world entrapped letters – bombs. Dead from such a letter – bomb the British diplomat Rex Faram

E: In 1947 – 1948, they expelled 750.000 Palestinians – Cretans – Hellenes from the Palestinian cities and from their villages. Israel till today is refusing to allow their return or to compensate them for the land it stole from them.

F: 09.06.1948, Menahem Begin as a leader of an “IRGUN” echelon, murders in cold blood 251 unarmed Palestinians villagers, children and women in the village Deir Yassin.

G: 17.09.1948, they murder in Jerusalem the Italian count Bernantote, negotiator of the “UN” for Palestine.

H: In continuation they murder women and infants of Palestinians, they blew up with dynamite entire Palestinian cities, such as the city “Kuneitra” with population 53.000 settlers, they sunk the fishing boats of the Palestinians, and they murdered the Palestinian fighters in various countries of Europe.

I: With planes, they dropped in Palestinian villages, such as the village “Arcub” in Southern Lebanon, children toys which were entrapped mines, and which killed all the Palestinian children who touched them.Photographs of those dead children were taken and published by the Greek Petros Vavalis in his book with title: “Menahem Begin, the butcher of Deir Yassin”, “Grammi” Publications, Akadimias 57 (Stoa Opera), Athens, 1978, Tel: 3638435.

J: They blocked with cement walls and with marine blockade the cities of the Palestinians as they’ve done in the Gaza Strip, in order for the Palestinians to remain with no food, no water, no drugs, no electricity, and without rest survival supplies, and to be forced to abandon their cities, in order to leave exiled towards other Arabic countries.

This is Israel, the chosen people of Satan – Devil Sin – Sion – Sinai – Zion – Jeid – Jedi – Jude – Judas or Pseudo-Jehovah or Pseudo-Being over the Earth.

G.H.REES calls the Hebrews of all countries, and especially the Hebrews of Europe – USA – and Russia, to force right now through military force against Israel, the direct pause of the blockade and of the genocide of Hellenes – Cretans – Palestinians of Palestine, because if they don’t act likewise, we will ask through our technological communications capabilities from the arrived in Saturn’s orbit, to force the same blockade and the same genocide against the Hebrews, against the Hebrew-Saxons – Anglo-Saxons Mongols and against the rest Mongols of Planet Earth.

The echelon of Israeli “MOSSAD” Greece, terrified from the revelations of G.H.REES against the annihilator Israel, closed the Greek Webpage, which published relevant G.H.REES documents.

This means that the life of its owner Yannis Romeos is in danger, as is in danger also the life of Apostolis Papanakos owner of the analogue Webpage, and the life of G.H.REES representative Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis in Volos, Greece.
Under those threats we say this to the Hebrew criminals:

Kill our body Hebrew criminals.We will kill you with our souls that with this way you will free to act accordingly.

The Crypto-Zionistic Judeo-Christian “Orthodox” Church of Greece, in its rituals in their Judeo-Christian temples, is yelling with the phrases:

“Cursed the Philistines – Palestinians” namely “Cursed” the Cretan colonists - Hellenes of Palestine.

And likewise is yelling:

“Blessed the people of Israel”, namely the annihilator Satanic people of Israel, of the space Satan Devil Sin – Sion – Sinai – Jedi.

We demand right now from the Judeo-Christian “Orthodox” anti-Hellenic Priesthoods which are working for the genocide of the Hellenes of Hellas and Palestine, to remove immediately from these emetic anti-Hellenic rituals those phrases, because if not they will force us to accelerate the genocide of the Greek Eparchs, Bishops, Priests and Monks where the hell they located, inside the Hellenic territory or elsewhere.
At the same time we call the Greek citizens Orthodox Christians, who will hear such emetic anti-Hellenic phrases inside the Greek Temples, to suspend immediately the ritual and to demand from the Priests to repeat the ritual by omitting those anti-Hellenic phrases, or if the Orthodox Priests do not accept, to suspend completely the ritual and to destroy the temple and its ****ing icons and its ritualistic documents inside it.

G.H.REES has decided to put ideological order in this country and it will force it using violence.

We demand from the ****ing Crypto-Zionistic Judeo-Christian “Orthodox” Church of Greece to show proven regret for its till today verbal crimes against the Hellenes Cretan Settlers Palestinians of Palestine. And we mean that we demand from the Greek “Orthodox” Church to man alone, without other partners, ships, and to load them with food, drugs, electric generators, and any other medical supplies or other survival supplies that they note to them the Palestinian Authorities in Athens, and to transfer them under its responsibility, by braking the blockade of Gaza, and by having in the ships’ masts the ****ing double headed Eagle over the yellow flag, in order to see what will finally happen. And if the combat fleet of Israel blocks also and this mission to reach Gaza, then we demand from the Greek “Orthodox” church to declare a Global protest and a persecution against Israel, because finally the true holocaust is happening somewhere else from the position that the Hebrews are indicating, allegedly in the non-existing genocided Hebrews of the 3rd Reich.
In the case of non complying by the “Holy” dirty Synod - Athens of the “Orthodox” Church, will be taken measures that will be extremely painful for the Greek dirtydogs Church Eparchs, those Anti-Hellenes Crypto-Zionists Judeo-Christians, who are yelling as dirty Billy-goats inside their Churches in the Greek temples:

“Cursed the Palestinians Philistines, and Blessed the people of Israel”.

We will force you ****ing Bishops of the “Orthodox” Church, and ****ing Priests and Monks of the “Orthodox” Church to reverse those phrases and to gibber with the opposites, namely by yelling:

“Cursed the people of Israel, and Blessed the Palestinians Philistines” of the Hellenic Palestine._

G.H.REES Prytaneum – Group of Hellenic Re-Establishment
Through the G.H.REES Magnesia Messages Server
Karageorgiou Ch. Ch. Yannis
Elpidos 12, Nea Ionia, Volos
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