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poor misguided fool
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Default the new year eve

it was the new year eve of 2000. you know, 1999 and then 2000. even if it's still the 20th century, it looks beautiful. 2 and three 0's. my best friend told me to call her straight at midnight.
when it was EXACTLY twelve o'clock, i called her. my mum was surprised to see me run from the table to the phone. she was angry some kind of that i left the family and wished a happy new year to her at first. later i had regreted for what i had done. my mum can't be compared with my best friend. even though i loved her very much, she could never be more than my mum for me.
after 2.5 years my friend fell strongly ill. she didn't know what was going on with her. she blamed all the doctors for her condition. i promised her that i'd become her personal doctor after i finish university (as a matter of fact, i was still at high school then).
although i was very busy with my studies, i time found to go to her 18th birthday party. huh, but i was a day late. i hadn't seen her for many months and her look scared me. she looked very thin and pale. anyway, i couldn't stay there very long cuz i had a biology contest the next day. so i left her after an hour.
2 week later she complained of breathlessness. she couldn't even talk to me on the phone. she coughed after every word she said.
after 3 weeks i left yerevan for the biology competition. when i came home, i felt that my mum was hiding something from me. i thought it was something good cuz she was smiling all the time. she told me i'd know everything after i had a dinner. while i was having it, the phone rang. my mum jumped to pick it up but was late. i was faster. it was another friend. she said, "have you heard about Anahit?"
"no, what has happened to her?"
"she... she's dead."
i turned to my mum, "what were you going to tell me after dinner?"
she saw the expression on my face and guessed what i had just heard. she hesitated for a while and answered, "the same."
i didn't finish my dinner. i couldn't believe what had happened. i was crying all the time. sometimes happened that i stopped it and laughed. weird...
i didn't regret for the new year eve anymore...
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Happy New Year!
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Oh dear
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