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Default search your name

search your name in GOOGLE.COM

you can get some pretty cool/crazy stuff.


Again in the wild

Female bear cub named "Luska" was released in the wild on October 21, 2001 after a 6-months rehabilitation course in Ussuriisky bear release center for orphaned bear cubs. Primorsky Krai Hunting Department gave the permission to reintroduce the animal in the wild.
Specialists of the "Amur tiger" Russian-American project (WCS) took "Luska" from Ussuriisky reserve on October 20. They brought a special vehicle with cage from Terney. Many different mammals were transferred in this cage before. The representatives of the Phoenix Fund and TV reporters were present during the dispatch of the bear cub. Immobilization was not necessary. "Bear Dady", the only man who takes care for the bear cubs, caught "Luska" and put her into her cage.

On October 22 the specialists announced that the bear cub felt very well along the way to the release place. When "Luska" was set free, she was afraid to leave the cage. Then someone raised his voice and she ran away and disappeared in the forest. Now, the members of the project carry out permanent monitoring on the animal adaptation at the new place.

This even gets more exciting

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