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Post Mark Rein's 4th IRC Chat 29th of August 2002

[20:34] * MarkRein[Epic] has joined #UT2003

[20:35] <MarkRein[Epic]> Greetings from London, England!

[20:35] <Drevlin> hows ECTS?
[20:36] <MarkRein[Epic]> Drevlin--> Just fine. Been asked about 1,000 time when the game is coming out

[20:35] <TRAPPER> hello mark? did you play yet?
[20:36] <MarkRein[Epic]> Trapper--> Yes and I totally ****ed

[20:36] <TRAPPER> haha I knew it
[20:38] <MarkRein[Epic]> Trapper--> I stupidly picked Plunge as the level to play and it was just too big for 6 players
[20:38] <MarkRein[Epic]> Trapper--> So I spent most of the time picking up stuff and waiting to to find somebody to killed just to get nailed in the back by someone 1/2 a mile away
[20:39] <MarkRein[Epic]> Trapper--> Tomorrow we'll play a more enclosed level

[20:39] <TsN|Sabo`away> Mark.. The CPL has said that if ut2k3 is not out by oct. 7th they will not feature it in the winter championships, does this pose a problem for epic and the design team?
[20:40] <MarkRein[Epic]> TsN|Sabo`away--> I told Tycho this morning that I think that's a reasonable position for them to take and that we're working really hard to get it done in time.
[20:40] <MarkRein[Epic]> TsN|Sabo`away--> They said that it represented "no problem" for them and that if they don't use it in the winter they'll use it in the spring.

[20:41] <MarkRein[Epic]> Mitz--> You here?

[20:40] <Dopefish|mIRC> Mark: is the UT2003 demo so close you could start playing the Jaws theme?
[20:42] <MarkRein[Epic]> Dopefish|mIRC--> I don't know. Just as the build I got for ECTS was cut they were switching over to the new GUI. I have no idea how the shakedown is going on that or how much of it is still incomplete.

[20:41] <Preach> MarkRein[Epic]: How was day one at ECTS? Who kicked your ass in the nvidia tournament?
[20:42] <MarkRein[Epic]> Preach--> Well Evolve threatened to do so

[20:42] <Preach> hehehe, but did he? I told him to do it GOOD!
[20:43] <MarkRein[Epic]> Preach--> I came 4th out of 6th. It was pretty bad but it was my fault for choosing such an open level. I need to constantly have the chance to be fraggin people or I'm just no good

[20:42] <mored`afk> MarkRein[Epic] > the recommended specs were released today, iirc, what kind of FPS / detail level performance does the 'recommended' system achieve ?
[20:44] <MarkRein[Epic]> mored`afk--> recommended specs should you give you a really good game. Remember a while back I posted that one of my machines at home is a PIII 850 with a GeForce2 GTS - that machine plays the game quite nicely with very decent amounts of detail and at a decent rez

[20:44] <Bort`> Hey , when and if I get my copy of ut2k3 in stores will it be able to install on 2 computers for lan play between friends or do i have to buy another copy
[20:45] <MarkRein[Epic]> Bort`--> You'll be able to use the CD to multiple copies and play on a LAN just fine. The big thing you can't do is play with the same CD key online from more than one machine.

[20:45] <dma> Decent res = 2048x1536
[20:46] <MarkRein[Epic]> dma--> for me decent res is 1024x768 - I don't even mind 800x600 on a smaller screen like a laptop.

[20:46] <Dopefish|mIRC> Mark: should I expect a big hit from my 650mhz processor if I have a GeF44200 and 256MB of RAM, or are those specs good for similar fps of the recommended system??
[20:47] <MarkRein[Epic]> Dopefish|mIRC--> Hard to tell. I think you should be OK. The GeForce4 ti's are pretty darn powerful and should make up for the 650 processor. I think the main reason we said a 733 is because most people with low end processors like that also have lower-end graphics cards.

[20:47] <Preach> MarkRein[Epic]: Don't you agree with me that ECTS would be a great place to announce the demo release?
[20:47] <MarkRein[Epic]> Preach--> It would if it were finished but it's not.

[20:46] <mored`afk> MarkRein[Epic] > as usual you were very vague in your reply, what would you define as 'decent' and 'really good' ?
[20:48] <MarkRein[Epic]> mored`afk--> I'm not going to define those because everyone has a different definition.

[20:48] <[ShaCa]> i have receive a information from Infogrames: She says Unreal Tournament 2003 launch 1 October. This is correct? ( Editor)
[20:49] <MarkRein[Epic]> [ShaCa]--> When it's done!

[20:48] <Bort`> I hope its in time for my birthday (oct 15)
[20:49] <MarkRein[Epic]> Bort`--> I hope it is in time for your birthday too!

[20:49] <Theiggsta`> MarkRein[Epic]: On the subject of MOD making, is there any major difference between UT and the new UT2003 mod-wise?
[20:50] <MarkRein[Epic]> Theiggsta`--> BIG differences. Karma, Matinee, terrain, static meshes, vehicles, tons of improvements!

[20:50] <|OC|Opuz_Klass> MarkRein[Epic]: Will we have UT2003 in the CPL Winter event? (you know that 7th October red line...)
[20:50] <MarkRein[Epic]> |OC|Opuz_Klass--> I hope so. We're certainly working as hard as we can to make that happen!

[20:51] <Theiggsta`> MarkRein[Epic]: Good to hear, so there will be a new SDK released when UT2003 hits the shelves?
[20:52] <MarkRein[Epic]> Theiggsta`--> I'm not sure what the plan is there. We're going to publicly release a bunch of the UDN information pretty soon.

[20:53] <Dopefish|mIRC> Mark: is there anyone in Epic who may know more about the UT2003 demo's condition who we can stalk or are you the definitive voice?
[20:53] <MarkRein[Epic]> Dopefish|mIRC--> Maybe Cliff

[20:53] <Dorkorama> MarkRein[Epic] --> How much access to the actor code will UnrealEd 3 provide? For example, will it allow one to set a mutator to activate via a in-map trigger?
[20:54] <MarkRein[Epic]> Dorkorama--> No idea

[20:52] <Preach> MarkRein[Epic]: who won the tournament today then?
[20:55] <MarkRein[Epic]> Preach--> I don't remember the guy's name. There was some sort of bug in the server code (I was running as the server) that prevented me from pulling up the scoreboard on my PC so I don't even recall the names of all the guys who played.

[20:56] <Azmo|mIRC> MarkRein: will it be possible to share banlists with other servers? (apart from the master banlist)
[20:57] <MarkRein[Epic]> Azmo|mIRC--> No idea

[20:57] <|OC|Opuz_Klass> MarkRein[Epic]: Did you developed UT2003 thinking on it as a TRUE sport?
[20:57] <MarkRein[Epic]> |OC|Opuz_Klass--> What do you mean by true sport?

[20:58] <jot|NotWearingPants> MarkRein: Is ut2k3 gonna allow those special chars such as § the way ut did?
[20:58] <MarkRein[Epic]> jot|NotWearingPants--> I'm not sure

[20:58] <Dopefish|mIRC> Mark: like with free agency and trading and such
[20:58] <Dopefish|mIRC> I think that's what he meant
[20:59] <MarkRein[Epic]> Dopefish|mIRC--> I bombing run could develop into a really cool team game where you have people who specialize at certain positions and then perhaps you'll see teams forming to play in the big money compos

[20:59] <GI2> hello MarkRein[Epic], a question about you about instagib: I found it annoying in UT that you couldn't shoot through guys, so if you shot one, the second one shot you will this be different in ut2003? and how about shoothing through gibs
[20:59] <MarkRein[Epic]> GI2--> Sorry but I have not tried that so I don't know

[20:59] <Dorkorama> MarkRein[Epic] : Easier question -- is forcefeeback support of any kind being implemented in UT2003 (ala the Immersion TouchSense patch for UT)
[21:00] <MarkRein[Epic]> Dorkorama--> Yes one of the Immersion guys just recently visited

[21:00] <|F|PeTiNgA> MarkRein[Epic], there will be any chance of players who buy the game can't play because somenone get a Key Generator and his playing with it?
[21:00] <MarkRein[Epic]> |F|PeTiNgA--> Very little chance of that.

[21:00] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic] will the ready up system for matches and adminstatus not be as buggy as last time? (like you could pickup items when logged out)
[21:01] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> I hope so, there are still some bugs in that area. For example Jay Wilbur said tonight that he was able to shoot someone and score a frag after the game ended (he was facing that person)

[21:01] <|F|PeTiNgA> MarkRein[Epic], but theres still a chance, and if that happens, what can we do?
[21:02] <MarkRein[Epic]> |F|PeTiNgA--> There is virtually no chance for that.

[21:02] <Foxx> MarkRein[Epic] how has the minigun alternate fire been tweaked? Is it completely different, more powerful than before, etc?
[21:02] <MarkRein[Epic]> Foxx--> Beat's me. I got used to not using it so I have no idea what the changes are I'll try it some more tomorrow.

[21:02] <TRAPPER> Hey mark.. What your Fav player models in UT2k3?
[21:03] <MarkRein[Epic]> Trapper--> I like the Gen Mo Kai but also like some of the human ones too

[21:02] <Dopefish|mIRC> Mark, serious question: are there going to be any big rewards for beating the game? how about easter eggs...will there be more?
[21:03] <MarkRein[Epic]> Dopefish|mIRC--> Let's not say
[21:03] <Dopefish|mIRC> grrr

[21:02] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic] how about customizable gametypes (more like rulesets for leagues) say that you only have to vote clanctf match for example, and automatically it chooses right timelimit etc. instead of using all the console commands
[21:03] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> That would make a good mod perhaps

[21:03] <VxDshot> MarkRein[Epic] : What about having servers using only ONE weapon? ^_^
[21:04] <MarkRein[Epic]> VxDshot--> Yes there is an "Arena" mod and you can choose what weapons are/aren't in the game

[21:04] <|F|PeTiNgA> MarkRein[Epic], do u think Ut2k3 will have more players or less players than UT already have?
[21:04] <MarkRein[Epic]> |F|PeTiNgA--> I hope more!

[21:04] <|OC|Opuz_Klass> MarkRein[Epic]: so you'll have some kind of central database with the keys. will the servers be linked to that central database and blacklist automatically, for example, a key which is being used by two people at tge same time?
[21:05] <MarkRein[Epic]> |OC|Opuz_Klass--> I'm going to avoid explaining how that system works.

[21:04] <GIdenJoe> and do you have any extra info about the stats system? will it be based upon cdkey instead of just the name which can change alot when you go into clans, and how about banning, also cdkey based now?
[21:05] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> I think it's based on both CD key and player name but not sure - CD key is in there for sure

[21:06] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic] are you on the ECTS floors now? and how is your time there
[21:06] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> No I'm at my hotel right now. It's almost 8:10PM here in London.

[21:06] <Drevlin> MarkRein[Epic], Taking as you've said on numerous times that UT2k3 will be a more team oriented game, it would suggest including Assault gamemode in the it as its, imo, one of the more teamoriented gamemodes in UT1... any comments on that one?
[21:07] <MarkRein[Epic]> Drevlin--> Assault is not in the game this time

[21:06] <DaDdY_CSw> MarkRein[Epic] : heres one , why did the offical channel get made on ETG instead of gamesnet? with ETG's instability and all... :/
[21:07] <MarkRein[Epic]> DaDdY_CSw--> No idea, not may area.

[21:07] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic], pezman has made the sticky collection of the photoshop pics of you and your colleagues, do you enjoy those?
[21:07] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> I thought many of them were very creatively done

[21:07] <|P|LordSidious> MarkRein[Epic] - Myself and i think other ppl, what don't like about ut2k3 are the maps, they all seem to full and that they are running away from the good playability that in the previous game had. What do you think?
[21:09] <MarkRein[Epic]> |P|LordSidious--> I disagree. I think UT2003 plays a LOT better than the original. It has a better flow, the weapons are more fun, the environments are WAY more interesting. I love it.

[21:08] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic] how are the menu system bugs coming? Are they almost ironed out, and how about that Uwindow system, will we see it in a later patch?
[21:09] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> Yes I think UWindows will be in a future patch along with demo recording. The new GUI was being turned on just as I left for the UK so I have no idea how it's going.

[21:09] <Sorcerer|elsewhere> MarkRein[Epic]: Does UT2003 take up more CPU power when serving a game than UT1? And what about bandwidth?
[21:10] <MarkRein[Epic]> Sorcerer|--> Actually UT2003 is a little more bandwidth efficient than UT was

[21:09] <|F|PeTiNgA> MarkRein[Epic], is UT2K3 more arcade or more strategic than UT?
[21:10] <MarkRein[Epic]> |F|PeTiNgA--> Both in many ways. More arcade in the deaths (Karma) and effects and more strategic in the updated gameplay (bombing run, double domination)

[21:11] <MarkRein[Epic]> dma--> Adrenaline ROCKS! someone explain it to DMA
[21:12] <Sorcerer|elsewhere> dma: Read it in here...

[21:10] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic] can you risk another guess at when , when is done? coz I heard the ECTS build looks great
[21:11] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> Hopefully soon. There were still obvious bugs in the ECTS build - obvious to me at least

[21:10] <Dopefish|mIRC> Mark: out of the blue question Epic working with any mod teams, like iD did with Rocket Arena for Q3?
[21:12] <MarkRein[Epic]> Dopefish|mIRC--> No too busy concentrating on getting the game out. We did have a very small mod conference about two months ago but just to make sure we were on track with what we're doing for mod makers.

[21:11] <Sorcerer|elsewhere> MarkRein[Epic]: One last question: is it possible (a mutator perhaps) to completely turn off adrenaline?
[21:13] <MarkRein[Epic]> Sorcerer|--> Yes there is a "No adrenaline" mutator in the game
[21:13] <MarkRein[Epic]> Sorcerer|--> But it would **** if people use it too much - adrenaline is really fun - it's not something you get easily so it really adds to the strategy of the game.

[21:13] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic] any idea why the devs were working on the karma vehicle instead of quickly finishing the demo
[21:15] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> The guys working on the Karma vehicle were not the ones on the critical path to getting the game done.

[21:13] <[LEGION]Cypress> MarkRein[Epic]--> I am sure you heard this 100x.. but have you heard anything about Playing UT2003 on Linux??
[21:14] <MarkRein[Epic]> [LEGION]Cypress--> It is in the works

[21:14] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic] how do you feel about the XIII ppl releasing a build of the editor, which should resemble ut2003 editor?
[21:16] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> We thought that was very cool actually (releasing the XIII editor) - it's too bad they didn't release one of the really nice levels from the game. I watched the game today (along with the other Unreal Engine Ubi games Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six: Raven Shield) and it looked AWESOME!

[21:14] <|OC|Opuz_Klass> MarkRein[Epic]: What about CPU load to serve (dedicated) UT2003? Will it requires much more CPU power than UT? WHat about RAM? When will you release a server dedicated UT2003 version?
[21:15] <MarkRein[Epic]> |OC|Opuz_Klass--> Don't know

[21:15] <Sorcerer|elsewhere> MarkRein[Epic]: I asked it because some old-timers might want to play without adrenaline to play a 'more fair' 1vs1 game. You might be lucky and respawn next to some adrenaline capsules, then the other guy has a slight disadvantage.
[21:17] <MarkRein[Epic]> Sorcerer|--> you get adrenaline 2 bits (out of 100) at a time so spawning next to adrenaline isn't going to help you that much unless you're already almost there anyway and you don't always want to use adenaline the second you get it - holding it for the perfect time is part of the strategy to winning the game. I'm telling you, it ROCKS!

[21:16] <[Ci]CrazyCougar> MarkRein[Epic] Have you frozen the code to work on bugs or are you still adding features to the demo?
[21:18] <MarkRein[Epic]> [Ci]CrazyCougar--> I'm pretty sure features are frozen and bug fixing is the order of the day but there are still some sounds missing and some feature things that need to be finished or fixed.

[21:17] <Dopefish|mIRC> Mark: how many discs do you think UT2003 will be on? will there be any special discs or stuff on those discs? will there be any limited edition releases?
[21:18] <MarkRein[Epic]> Dopefish|mIRC--> UT2003 will be on 3 CDs.
[21:19] <MarkRein[Epic]> Dopefish|mIRC---> No limited edition, just the game as it is.

[21:19] <|OC|Opuz_Klass> and DVD edition?
[21:19] <MarkRein[Epic]> No DVD, just CD.

[21:18] <NeoRag`Away> what maps is gonna be remakes? those i know is Curse 3 and Face 3
[21:20] <MarkRein[Epic]> NeoRag---> Hmmm.... Phobos is a redux. I think Plunge could be considered a remake of Morpheus and Gael could be considered a remake of Morbias. LavaGiant probably won'
[21:20] <MarkRein[Epic]> NeoRag--> Lavagiant probably won't make it into the game now so it will come in a future bonus pack.

[21:20] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic] what is the current build number?
[21:20] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> No idea

[21:21] <AceYAlone> mark have u ever stared in a porn movie?
[21:21] <MarkRein[Epic]> AceYAlone--> Yes I have, several actually.

[21:21] <Terminator> guy has a sense of humor
[21:21] <MarkRein[Epic]> Terminator--> I wasn't kidding.

[21:21] <Blackspawn> mark where can i get one of those?
[21:22] <MarkRein[Epic]> Blackspawn--> Vidid Entertainment
[21:22] <MarkRein[Epic]> Blackspawn--> oops, meant Vivid

[21:22] <GIdenJoe> and MarkRein[Epic] how about that static meshes question: let me repeat a bit: it's about getting stuck onto objects or pieces of detailed wall structure, I think the levels need to be severely tested for that, but how about custom levels, will they easily suffer from that?
[21:23] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> You can create simply collision primitives for your static meshes that make them easier to bounce off

[21:23] <fortress> MarkRein[Epic]: what bugs are still in the ects build?
[21:24] <MarkRein[Epic]> Fortress--> There were a few server bugs, there was a bot-taunt bug that I think was fixed just after the CDs were cut, a few others.

[21:23] <Terminator> MarkRein[Epic], was the detail textures fearture, thing already enabled in build 927?
[21:24] <MarkRein[Epic]> Terminator--> No idea

[21:24] <Sil3> MarkRein[Epic] will there be a Collectors Edition of UT2003 with Bonus Stuff, like CD Soundtrack, Art of UT2003 Book, Posters and etc? I personaly would love tho have all that artwork in a book to drool over
[21:24] <MarkRein[Epic]> Sil3--> No, we make games not fluff

[21:24] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic] you talked about limiting the amount of detail a player could turn off, is that limit resolution, karma and textures? and will those non-karma bodies actually fall?
[21:25] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> There is a low-quality setting for Physics if you have a slow computer
[21:25] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> You still get physics but the math is greatly reduced and the physical reactions simplified

[21:25] <AceYAlone> whats the chnaces of getting a higly paid job at epic
[21:25] <AceYAlone> highly*
[21:26] <MarkRein[Epic]> AceYAlone--> Depends how UT2003 sells

[21:26] <[RSU]G-Lite> MarkRein[Epic], I demand a linux client port!
[21:26] <MarkRein[Epic]> [RSU]G-Lite--> Ok, we'll done one!

[21:26] <AKIRA[CotC]afk> MarkRein[Epic] forgive me if asked already, is 3 gigs of drive space roughly what this game needs?
[21:27] <MarkRein[Epic]> AKIRA[CotC]afk--> Yes, on my PC it takes 2.7GB and there are still some sounds missing

[21:26] <deth502> i have a question! In a vid i saw recently there was a ma with a stargate like pool! In the game if i blast someone through thet with a rocket, will it create real time ripples??
[21:27] <MarkRein[Epic]> deth502--> Yes but the rockets get stopped there

[21:26] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic] as an executive at epic with lots to do, will you have time enough to enjoy ut2003 yourself? And would you play public sometimes or only against your colleague buddies
[21:27] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> I get to play a few times a week and I really, really enjoy the game! When I'm on the road doing demos I get to play a LOT. It's a great job!

[21:28] <MarkRein[Epic]> Wierd, got bumped

[21:28] <[rSu]iridium> MarkRein: How can you change the 'detail' of Karma physics on networked games? will all clients have to follow what the server says or will the server do all of the work and transmit *a lot* more data to the client?
[21:28] <MarkRein[Epic]> Most physics is done client side

[21:28] <[RA]DWU> MarkRein[Epic]: How powerful is the assault gun? if its too powerful dont you think it will make the TDM gametype of controlling weapons a lot weaker?
[21:29] <MarkRein[Epic]> [RA]DWU--> Assault gun is just right

[21:28] <Count_Chef> markrein, when was Clan [Epic] formed?
[21:29] <MarkRein[Epic]> Count_Chef--> Is there a clan Epic? I'm not aware of it.

[21:29] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic] are you guys at epic changing ideas and insights of DE on the game? or are you sticking with removing bugs?
[21:31] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> I'd say we've done a lot of tweaking and improvements as is normal in finishing a game like this but no big serious glaring changes from what DE created.

[21:30] <NecroN> MarkRein[Epic] Is UT2k3 more hard to learn than UT, because better wapon tweaks?
[21:31] <MarkRein[Epic]> NecroN--> I think UT2003 is just as easy to learn as UT

[21:31] <[FU]Intox|MiRc> MarkRein[Epic]:Have you tweaked the weapons any since version 927? shock rifle power etc?
[21:32] <MarkRein[Epic]> [FU]Intox|MiRc--> Yes weapons have had lots of tweaks

[21:31] <[rSu]iridium> UT used gamespy's code to query servers.. that is how the querying worked. it was crappy code as players could fool the browser into reading everything wrong just by having \'s in their nick
[21:32] <MarkRein[Epic]> [rSu]iridium--> No idea

[21:31] <[LOG]Russian> MarkRein[Epic] is it true you played 'like a girl' 2 day at ECTS then?
[21:32] <MarkRein[Epic]> Russian--> I always play like a girl! BTW, there's now a taunt in the game that says "you play like a girl!"

[21:32] <Sorcerer^2> MarkRein[Epic]: What's the reason that the ripper was left out? The complex polygon structures or the spamming? (or both? )
[21:33] <MarkRein[Epic]> Sorcerer^2--> I don't know. I think the developers just didn't like it enough.

[21:34] <MarkRein[Epic]> hang on folks....

[21:36] <MarkRein[Epic]> Ok, back

[21:36] <TNSe> MarkRein[Epic]: You don't like the term "like a newbie", but you promote the term "like a girl"
[21:36] <MarkRein[Epic]> TNSe--> Hahaha!

[21:36] <[RA]DWU> MarkRein[Epic]: How much does it take to kill someone with the Assault Gun then? :x
[21:37] <MarkRein[Epic]> [RA]DWU--> Ask Evolve that question (assault rifle)

[21:37] <Missy_o_D> marky, will we be able to play against you once the game's out!
[21:37] <MarkRein[Epic]> Missy_o_D--> Sure!

[21:37] <NecroN> MarkRein[Epic] The map download from the Ut servers are very slow, would this be optimised in UT2K3
[21:37] <MarkRein[Epic]> NecroN--> No idea

[21:38] <eVOLVE> If it's Mark Rein, it's not too much, but harder players take a little longer... you won't have any trouble defending yourselves from respawn campers though with it... I like.
[21:38] <MarkRein[Epic]> eVOLVE--> Oh, that's too bad!

[21:38] <[RA]DWU> MarkRein[Epic]: Do you plan to pack, arena mutators for all the weapons with ut2003?
[21:38] <MarkRein[Epic]> [RA]DWU--> Already there, when you choose the arena mutator there's a list you can pick from

[21:38] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic] are you still afraid of flames, coz you really don't post anymore on the forum. Cliffy tried it once and also got some flak, coz of his joke
[21:39] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> Just really busy right now and nothing new to report.

[21:38] <eVOLVE> Anyway Mark, you know my demands, especially since you couldn't even show me the intro
[21:39] <MarkRein[Epic]> eVOLVE--> Oh, sorry, come back tomorrow and I'll show you the intro.

[21:39] <Selerox> c'mon, I put "unreal tuornament" down as my RELIGION on the UK census last year
[21:39] <MarkRein[Epic]> Selerox--> Hahaha!!! That's awesome!!!

[21:39] <TNSe> MarkRein[Epic]: What can you say about the ingame menus in ut2k3.
[21:40] <MarkRein[Epic]> TNSe--> Nothing, they all got changed just as I was leaving for the UK

[21:39] <SuperNova> hey i do like 1 thing about UT2003 the music owns who made it?
[21:40] <MarkRein[Epic]> SuperNova--> Keven Riepl and Starskey Partridge are the musicians

[21:40] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic] how do you feel about leagues limiting the use of tricks like in ut, the boosting and rocketlifting of your mates? Coz I'm sure there will be some nice quirks to use in ut2003 to to make some acrobatic caps
[21:41] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> That's their call.

[21:40] <Foxx> MarkRein[Epic]: Are there indoor maps? I know there's a lot of cool outdoor ones planned for release.
[21:41] <MarkRein[Epic]> Foxx--> Sure, there are a ton of indoor maps

[21:41] <SuperNova> E~MarkRein[Epic]: thanx also another serious question now Mark why can you shoot the translocator when its on the floor???? and its too hard to see like on UT with the light
[21:42] <MarkRein[Epic]> SuperNova---> Yes you can shoot the translocator when it's on the floor. If the guy tries to change to it when it's been disabled he dies.

[21:41] <[RA]DWU> MarkRein[Epic]: Any plans to give the instagib rifle a diff skin than the shock rifle :x ?
[21:42] <MarkRein[Epic]> [RA]DWU--> No plans as far as I know

[21:41] <Blackspawn> MarkRein[Epic]: do you definitely know if the UT2003 sound engine will or won't support MODs (XM, IT etc)? Would be sad if not as they're small and easy to pass along with your maps....
[21:43] <MarkRein[Epic]> Black--> We use Ogg Vorbis this time around

[21:43] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic] in ut there was a bug when your translocator was shot that you could walk over it and it was repaired then
[21:43] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> now if you walk over your TL you pick it up

[21:43] <NecroN> MarkRein[Epic] i have seen some screenshots of UT2k3 and i thought the maps are larger than in UT am i right?
[21:44] <MarkRein[Epic]> NecroN--> Some are and some aren't.

[21:44] <Mitz> mark? moderate?
[21:44] <MarkRein[Epic]> Mitz--> Nah, I'm OK.

[21:44] <Azmo|mIRC> MarkRein[Epic]: will the scoreboard show player ID? since aliasing will be allowed...
[21:45] <MarkRein[Epic]> Azmo|mIRC--> No idea

[21:44] <SuperNova> E~MarkRein[Epic]: yes but u cant see it when its on the floor Mark its like erm to hard to find/see like in UT where it has a light are you adding something to it EG a light?
[21:45] <MarkRein[Epic]> Super--> I don't know.

[21:45] <[RSU]G-Lite> MarkRein[Epic], how's server querying gonna be? Still the gamespy protocol? (hope not) And masterserver?
[21:46] <MarkRein[Epic]> G-Lite--> Seems a lot faster than UT's

[21:45] <UnrealTournament2003extreme> mark what part of the game has made you sit back and go wow now thats nice?
[21:46] <MarkRein[Epic]> UnrealTournament2003extreme--> A whole bunch of stuff. Too much to pick one only.

[21:45] <NecroN> MarkRein[Epic] Are there some new wapon combo's in UT2k3 like the shock-rifle in UT?
[21:46] <MarkRein[Epic]> NecroN--> yes

[21:46] <MerlinJay> mark, can we expect your team to release some hardware brushes as bonuspacks for us mappers? with some certain themes and stuff?
[21:47] <MarkRein[Epic]> Merlin--> Huh? The game is coming with 1,000s of them. You need more?

[21:46] <Ruger`> mark have you been running ut2k3 on the 9700 and how sweet is it?
[21:47] <MarkRein[Epic]> Ruger--> I have not been running it on 9700 myself. I have a GeForce 4

[21:46] <Shockwave> <MarkRein[Epic]> : Shockwave, Daily Times. Will there be S3TC support in UT2003 or will there be another method?
[21:48] <MarkRein[Epic]> Shockwave--> All textures in UT are compressed now

[21:47] <Missy_o_D> marky, what about nvidia's new detonators? do they provide any significant speed-boost??
[21:48] <MarkRein[Epic]> Missy_o_D---> They should yes

[21:47] <Vibez> MarkRein:Are you guys trying hard to get UT2003 into the winter CPL?
[21:48] <MarkRein[Epic]> Vibez--> Yes we are trying very hard for that

[21:47] <[RSU]CaSCaDe|WoRK> MARKREIN --> how will the team play of bomming run work (ie trowing ball and catching it) and will teh ball explode like a deemer or ion cannon blast when it hits the floor to hard?
[21:49] <MarkRein[Epic]> Cascade--> No the ball bounces when it hits things

[21:49] <Ruger`> mark did you upgrade... last time i read logs you had a gf3?
[21:50] <MarkRein[Epic]> Ruger--> I have a GeForce2, a GeForce3 a GeForce4 MX (in my laptop) and a GeForce4 ti 4600

[21:49] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic] the admin commands, will they still be those long commands to change variables like admin set <category> <variable> <value> or will there be some simplified commands ala quake3?
[21:50] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> No idea on the admin commands
[21:50] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> But there is a remote web admin system which makes it all very, very easy

[21:50] <Shadowlurker> mark, you in england at the moment for the estc?
[21:51] <MarkRein[Epic]> Shadow--> Yes, in the UK

[21:50] <Blackspawn> mark, can i have your gf3 then?
[21:51] <MarkRein[Epic]> Blackspawn--> No, I'm using it.

[21:51] <[MMF]Mikage> MarkRein[Epic], I got the NEW P2 400/TNT2 machine yesterday. its ok?
[21:51] <MarkRein[Epic]> [MMF]Mikage--> Rocks!

[21:51] <GIdenJoe> MarkRein[Epic] yes I'm familiar with the remote admin from ut, but this time, will it be more mod friendly?
[21:52] <MarkRein[Epic]> GIdenJoe--> No idea if it will be more friendly or not but I imagine if it needs upgrading we'll do so.

[21:52] <[RSU]CaSCaDe|WoRK> MARKREIN --> What will be the models polygon limit for ingame models? (ie playermodels/geomatry models)
[21:52] <MarkRein[Epic]> Cascade--> I don't know what the limits are but we use around 3,000 polys per char

[21:52] <Mitz> MarkRein[Epic]: i get lots of questions concerning karma boobs.. can you confirm they're in? (not kidding)
[21:53] <MarkRein[Epic]> Mitz--> yes, you could do Karma boobs

[21:52] <|OC|Opuz_Klass> MarkRein[Epic]: what is the company which will "give support" to UT2003 servers' problems? Epic or Infogrames?
[21:53] <MarkRein[Epic]> Opuz--> Both companies

[21:53] <Fluid|BuF> 3000 polys! This is a dream!
[21:54] <MarkRein[Epic]> Fluid--> You can go higher if you want, that's nowhere near the limit. I don't know what the actual limit is but for our GDC demo we used 4,500 polys per character

[21:53] <[RSU]CaSCaDe|WoRK> MARKREIN --> will the UED be able to import .3ds meshes or does it need a special format like teh neverwinternights mdl files?
[21:55] <MarkRein[Epic]> Cascade--> Yes we suppord .3ds meshes - we have a plug in for 3DS max to export meshes to our engine

[21:54] <AKIRA[CotC]afk> MarkRein[Epic] Either company hiring currently?
[21:55] <MarkRein[Epic]> Akira--> We're not hiring

[21:53] <Shadowlurker> mark, i hope you know how much joy you are bringing to people by coming online and on irc
[21:55] <MarkRein[Epic]> Shadow--> Thanks for saying that. I get joy out of talking with you guys too!

[21:54] <Shockwave> <MarkRein[Epic]> Shockwave, daily news. Will Truform be used in UT2003 on Radeon 8500 cards?
[21:56] <MarkRein[Epic]> Shockwave--> No idea but I assume it would work just fine (Truform)

[21:55] <|OC|Opuz_Klass> MarkRein[Epic]: and which company should be contacted to talk about business like that? (licenses and stuff) - this was the reason why I was PMing you
[21:56] <MarkRein[Epic]> Opuz--> We handle engine licensing if that's what you're asking

[21:55] <Shadowlurker> MarkRein[Epic] are you at all worried about lots of people dropping out because of a so called delay?
[21:56] <MarkRein[Epic]> Shadowlurker--> No I'm not worry about people dropping out because of a so-called delay. I'm worried about making a great game.

[21:55] <[RSU]CaSCaDe|WoRK> MARKREIN --> will the exporrt plugin you are using be realsed to the public or is it a standart plugin?
[21:57] <MarkRein[Epic]> Cascade--> The exporter will be released to the public (plus one for Maya as well)

[21:56] <Vibez> MarkRein: How long has the new Rogue Spear been using the Unreal engine?
[21:57] <MarkRein[Epic]> Vibez--> Don't know exactly and probably couldn't say even if I did remember that.

[21:57] <Claw> MarkRein: How about some info about the differences between UT2k3 and U2 for mod makers?
[21:58] <MarkRein[Epic]> Claw--> no idea

[21:57] <[NFO]HOCANADA|werk> Mark: Are you going to ake the UT2003 game cheaper for those of us forced to live in a country with a WORTHLESS $
[21:58] <MarkRein[Epic]> Hocanada--> Sorry but now
[21:58] <MarkRein[Epic]> oops, meant no

[21:57] <Sil3> MarkReign are there any plans to make a UT2003 and Lightwave 3D connection so that itґs easier to import custom models and Animation into UT2003? Or is Epic only doing efforts for 3DSMAX and MAYA?
[21:58] <MarkRein[Epic]> Sil3--> I don't know about any plans for Lightwave
[21:59] <MarkRein[Epic]> Sil3--> learn Maya!!!

[21:58] <[FU]Intox|MiRc> MarkRein[Epic]:have they made shock rifle any more powerful then it was in 927 version? bigger damage radius etc?
[21:59] <MarkRein[Epic]> Intox--> No idea, I don't recall how it worked in that build

[21:59] <[RSU]CaSCaDe|WoRK> MARKREIN --> ive heared UT2k3 will use its own particle system, is this true, and if its true can i export 3dsmax paricles with the exporter, also will the particle systems be affected by physics such as wind gravatie ETC?
[22:00] <MarkRein[Epic]> Cascade--> We have something called "force affected" particles which can be affected by any force.

[22:00] <|OC|Opuz_Klass> MarkRein[Epic]: so we must contact Epic for server licensing stuff right? do we have to talk with somebody in special?
[22:01] <MarkRein[Epic]> Opuz--> What do you mean by server licensing?

[22:01] <[RSU]CaSCaDe|WoRK> MARKREIN --> will i also be able to export 3dsmax particle systems?
[22:01] <MarkRein[Epic]> Cascade--> I don't think so (3ds particles) but I'm not sure about that.

[22:02] <NecroN> MarkRein[Epic] Will characters be more balanced in UT2k3 than in UT? Because a headshot on the warcow is much harder than a headshot on a boss skin.
[22:03] <MarkRein[Epic]> NecroN--> I think they are

[22:03] <[RSU]CaSCaDe|WoRK> MARKREIN --> is lighting a map going to be the same as in the old UED or will be a more easy way to light maps, like skylights and such?
[22:03] <MarkRein[Epic]> Cascade--> No idea, I'm not a level designer

[22:03] <[NFO]HOCANADA|werk> MArk: i have a better question i noticed(or heard) that the netcode is much better for UT2003.. I had a friend in NYC play UT on my Canadain server and then He said he tried the same location for UT2003 and his ping was 70ms lower
[22:03] <MarkRein[Epic]> HoCanada-->I have no idea which is why I didn't answer you the last 8 times you asked!

[22:05] <MarkRein[Epic]> See you guys later, thanks for the chat!
[22:05] <Mitz> cya mark, thx for dropping by

[22:05] <jot> later
[22:05] <Mitz> next time we'll moderate again.. this is a mess
[22:05] <MarkRein[Epic]> Mitz--> It was OK until the end then got a bit out of hand

[22:06] <MarkRein[Epic]> 4k--> Hey, thanks for playing!!! Good job!
[22:06] <eVOLVE> Mark, until next time... I'll email some questions I didnt get time to ask you today
[22:06] <MarkRein[Epic]> evolve--> Please don't - way too much email right now. Feel free to come back and ask them in person.
[22:06] <MarkRein[Epic]> Gotta run now, byw!
[22:06] <MarkRein[Epic]> Bye!

[22:06] * MarkRein[Epic] has left #UT2003
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