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Default Red Alert 3

Народ помогите не как не могу подключиться к серверу игры. Регестрируюсь, записываю свой майл, пароль и в поле сетевой ID вбиваю свой логин, нажимаю вход, далее мне предлагают принять лицензию, после принятия выводится сообщение "Регистрационный номер будет связан с вашей учетной записью" нажимаю Ок и выводится окно "Неверный код". Может кто знает в чем дело?
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Default Re: Red Alert 3

Red Alert 3 Semi-Public Beta

The Red Alert series has always been a bit silly, but adding a third new faction in Red Alert 3 based on Japan was just too easy for the developers. So in addition to armored Russian bears and a female Russian commando with short shorts, you can play around with mecha, transformable mecha, and a Japanese schoolgirl named Yuriko who is a bit like that crazy kid in Akira who destroyed Tokyo with his mind.
I played with the Empire of the Rising Sun for the first time, and this is a faction unlike the Soviets or the Allies. The Japanese build system is different in that queuing a building gives you a special construction unit that goes to a spot you select and unpacks there. Distance doesn't play a role, so you're no longer limited to putting energy structures next to your constructor; you could put them across the map if you want.


The beta is currently in private stages, EA are making people buy Kanes Wrath expansion pack for C&C3 to get a beta key which can be used to install this. We are doing all we can to provide up to the minute information as it breaks, on ways for the general public to install it. This page will be updated regularly by staff and members with information as it breaks.


Forex Systems
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