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Talking Кажись, кидняк...

Вот он, голубчик...

Чувак приглашает на конференцию, обещает спонсировать издержки... кроме регистрационной платы - а ведь, как правило, ее-то в первую очередь и спонсируют. Мыло сплошь халявное, но подобрано сердито. Штаб-фатера в Городе Большого Яблока, но бабло просит переводить филиалу в... Того!!! Линк сердитый, ан - всего лишь на его статью, сайта у них - и нету...
Короче, вот его письмецо.
1629 K Street, NW Suite 801 New York, USA.
Postal Code : 10107, Tel/Fax: +1 (501) 638 93 73,
GCDF E-mail: [email protected]
Secretary E-mail : [email protected]
Director E-mail: [email protected]
Website on Foundations Architects: Steve Gunderson, "Foundations: Architects of Social Change" , eJournal USA, May 2006

International Conference on Human and Community Development and on Development Financing.


Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Gunderson Council Development Foundation, the local Hosts New York and the co-organizers of the International NGOs & CBOs Summits on lasting development and development financing, we have the pleasure to invite you to meet us on the occasion one of the most important events in the framework of the fight for the human and community development which will take place in New York, United States from May 26th to 30th, 2008 : The 2008 CONGRESS – International NGOs & CBOs Summits on development.

The Gunderson Council Development Foundation is a registered charity whose aims & objectives are to empower individuals worldwide through offering grants for business, education, economic development, and environmental conservation; to support groups addressing social, economic, and environmental issues and a variety of philanthropic projects through grants to non-profit organizations; to provide education and information with a view to limiting transmission of HIV / AIDS, to support and advocate on behalf of those infected and affected by HIV / AIDS; to promote the well-being of mankind by strengthening the capacity of charitable organizations to provide effective programs of quality.

The strength of the working relations between the Gunderson Council Development Foundations, the local Hosts New York, the co-organizers, (the active participation of representatives of the international civil society) will contribute to make the 2008 CONGRESS a headlight event in the response to the scourge of under-development and poverty.

As international organization of researchers and health professionals involved in the fight for a harmonized and lasting development, the International Development Fund is determined to put an end to the scourge by favoring the collaboration between people living in community with low income, the civil society, Scientific, health professionals, enterprises, politics and community leaders, and all the others participants.

By the light of what precedes, we have the honor to announce to you the International NGOs & CBOs Summits which theme is: “For a lasting human and community development – The Financing of the Development”. This conference will bring together 1682 representatives of twenty NGOs / CBOs from all over the world and will take place from May 26th to 30th 2008, in New York, and we are writing to invite you as delegates of your country.


The 2008 CONGRESS intends to provide participants the opportunity to expand their knowledge and skills of the quality required for the advancement of the fight for peace and, to provide a personal development experience tailored to the needs of NGOs / CBOs that will enable participants to review and assess their own capabilities with a view to identifying ways in which they can increase the effectiveness of their contribution to the organizations they work for and to the process of development. Participants from all over the world will meet in New York to share the latest information, their ideas and lessons to keep in field of research, politics and human and community development programs. Designed according to the challenges facing the actors in the response to the scourge of poverty, the 2008 CONGRESS will be centered on our common obligation to keep our promises before communities of the world.


The summit will be conducted on participatory bases with satellite, plenary and simultaneous sessions followed by general and small group discussions.


Foundation for the participation of civil society members from any country. As a result, the International Development Fund will provide sponsorship for up to five (5) international delegates from selected organization only and their registration fees is excluded on the sponsorship.


- the means of travel (return airplane ticket) for selected delegates from home country to New York (United States),
- the accommodation for selected delegates,
- the per diem for selected delegates
- the medical insurance for the entire summit duration
- the displacement of delegated on the spot of conference (by bus)
The Gunderson Council Development Foundation will not assume responsibility for costs other than those listed above.


We are pleased to inform you that your organization has been selected in order to take part in the summit. This is in recognition of your organization’s contribution to the NGO/CBO movement in your country. You are therefore requested to nominate five (5) active members from your organization to benefit from the sponsorship. In order to foster gender balance, we would appreciate if your delegation contains one or two female participant(s). You can put yourselves in partnership with other economic operators if you want to benefit from this exceptional occasion.


For purposes of registration in order to take part in the Conferences, please request assigned to your Organization as well as the International Delegate Registration Documentation, which includes:
- The Registration Form;
- The Hotel Reservation Form;
- The Airplane Ticket Order Form.


Office of International Relations,
Gunderson Council Development Foundation
1629 K Street, NW Suite 801 New York, USA.
Postal Code : 10107, Tel/Fax: +1 (501) 638 93 73.
Email:[email protected]/ [email protected]

In order to be considered for acceptation, the selected international delegates are required to registered in accordance with the Gunderson Council Development Foundation regulations by submitting their Registration Documentation including:

- Completed and signed International Delegate Registration Certification Form: This Form should be duly completed and properly signed by the selected applicant in order to be submitted and processed with the International Relation Office of the Gunderson Council Development Foundation for being officially recognized and registered as International Delegate.

- Completed Hotel Reservation Form: This Form should be duly completed and properly signed in order to guarantee accommodation for the selected applicants.

- Completed Airplane Ticket Order Form: This Form should be duly completed and properly signed in order to guarantee airplane tickets for the selected applicants.

- Payment Slip of the Registration Fee: The required registration fee of USD$ 310 per selected delegate should be paid through our Regional Representative in Togo through Western Union Money Transfer:


Mr. Frank Moses.
Regional Director (G.C.D.F).
No: 12A, Janvier Avenue Zone 0-7C
P.O. Box : 20145 Baguier Kara
E-mail: [email protected]
Tel/Fax: +(228) 9 78 18 42.

The pre-cited documents should be sent to the International Relation Office of the International Development through fax : +1 (501) 638 93 73 or by email: ([email protected] / [email protected]) for the purpose of registration.

While we anticipate your response at your earliest convenience for proper finalization of your traveling papers, please do not hesitate to contact us in time. Finally, you are advised to confirm your organization's acceptance to participate on the summit.

Meet us in New York to assert anew our involvement for a strongest response face to the poverty

Best regards,

Miss Jennifer Kennedy
Secretary of Gunderson Council
Development Foundation (G.C.D.F.)

International NGO Summit – Gunderson Council Development Foundation, New York.
И этот милый старичок сказал с улыбкой мне:
- Ловлю я воду на крючок и жгу ее в огне...
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