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Default Armenian from Syria

hello all
I'm a girl from Aleppo/Syria

anyone who have good information about the Armenian genocide will know where Syria is

I'm 18 years old
i study english literature 1-st year in college...also in Aleppo... but dont expect me that i'm an english expert :S:S:S
i love rock/metal music, not so long ago i was titled myself a goth now i just call myself with my name
not because i no longer love Gothic stuff...i just hate labels

now i dont understand Russian...i can translate what u write in Google translate but only what is correctly written in Russian

my Armenian is also different than "Arevelahayeren" because i speak "Arevmdahayeren"

i should not forget to mention my hobbies...reading-writing-drawing-watching movies-forums/chatting-listening to music-and finally playing piano which i'm really bad at ittttt i just play it so my "mom" be happy and to waste my time

i also know Arabic/Armenian/english and some french...only a lil bitttt

i know....i write too much

just welcome me

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Default Re: Armenian from Syria

Welcome, Nayiri. Recently preaty much nothing is happenning in this forum except advertisements (by the way, do you need a new cell phone? ). In any case -- try to have fun
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Default Re: Armenian from Syria

As no Armenian welcomes you...

Greetings from a devil who happens to be Portuguese!

Hope things get better...

PS: Sorry, Hetanos, it appears that our messages were built almost at the same time! By the way I liked that of the "cell phone"...
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Joie De Vivre
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Default Re: Armenian from Syria


I wish you came before the forum became so "obsolete"
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