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Default Скажем нет Мальборо!

Призыв конечно шуточный. Но иметь в виду не помешало бы.
TO: Guy Smith
FROM: Jim Dyer SUBJECT: Armenian Genocide
DATE: October 17, 1989
Senator Bob Dole's recent trip to Soviet Armenia has helped rekindle his long standing support for a resolution commemorating the purported genocide co~rnnitted against the Armenians by tim Ottoman Turks in 1911. This is an extremely sensitive issue in U.S.-Turkish relations and, if passed, i, vould severely damage those relations. At present, all of the action is in the Senate, although Representative Bonior (D-MI) has introduced a resolution in the House. The Senate Judiciary Committee, by a vote of 8 to 6, reported an Armenian Genocide resolution today. Senator Dole has told the Administration that he will keep the bill off the Senate floor until next February, at the earliest. At that time, I expect Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) to put a hold on the bill, thereby, delaying its consideration further. There are a number of things that can be done to kill tiffs resolution, including: -- getting a strong veto statement out of the White House. -- using Senator Byrd's opposition (his son-in-law is Turkish). getting the Members and Senators with strong defense interests to speak out about the dangers of damaging U.S.-Turkish relations. drafting substitute language that condemns genocide world wide, yet takes the focus off Armenia. I shall continue to have conversations with all interested parties. However, I am sensitive to our need to do nothing to upset Senator Dole. He is too valuable a friend to alienate over this issue. So is David Bonior Meanwhile, the Bush Administration has finally come out in opposition to the resolution. This opposition comes despite an apparent Bush campaign pledge to somehow "recognize the Armenian genocide". NSC Administrator Scowcroft, Defense Secretary Cheney, and Secretary of State Baker will strongly oppose the resolution within the White House. Representatives of tile Turkish government have contacted Philip Morris International asking for us to weigh in against the resolution. We have advised them we are aware of the problem, understanding of their concern, and confident that this resolution will not be enacted. I shall keep you abreast of any further developments.
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Ya ix davno boykotiruyu
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