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Default Anyone programming on PSP??

hi there ...
have some questions with PSP homebrew
... compiing for 3.x kernel

any one programming for PSP??
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Timewind, PSP homebrew programming is a hack in its core. Sony does not support homebrew. Only licensed (by Sony) companies have a right to develop software for Sony PSP, and UMDs are published and printed only by Sony.

Ways of executing homebrew software on PSP are through holes that from time to time are found in its OS that usually allow code to be executed from the memory card. So forget UMD, and Sony patches the system very often, so the upgrading people (majority) do not have any chance of running it. Besides its a huge security issue, noone would want to run a code on his PSP that is not signed by Sony.

Apart from licensing revenues, Sony also keeps the whole license thing in order to be able to appropriately rate different games with ESRB rating and alike, since PSP supports parential content controls and on.

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