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Default Аллен Гинзберг

Under The World There's A Lot Of Ass A Lot Of Cunt
a lot of mouths and cocks, under the world there's a lot of come, and a lot
of saliva dripping into brooks, There's a lot of **** under the world,
flowing beneath cities into rivers, a lot of urine floating under the world,
a lot of snot in the world's industrial nostrils, sweat under world's iron
arm, blood gushing out of the world's breast, endless lakes of tears, seas
of sick vomit rushing between the hemispheres floating towards Sargasso, old
oily rags and brake fluids, human gasoline-- Under the world there's pain,
fractured thighs, napalm burning in black hair, phosphorus eating elbows to
bone insectiside contaminating oceantide, plastic dolls floating across
Atlantic, Toy soldiers crowding the Pacific, B-52 bombers choking jungle air
with vaportrails and brilliant flares
Robot drones careening over rice terraces dropping cluster grenades,
plastic pellets spray into flesh,
dragontooth mines & jellied fires fall on straw roofs and water buffalos,
perforating village huts with barbed shrapnel, trenchpits filled with
fuel-gas-poisen'd explosive powders-- Under the world there's broken skulls,
crushed feet, cut eyeballs,
severed fingers, slashed jaws,
Dysentry, homeless millions, tortured hearts, empty souls.

Another year
has past
the world is no different.
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