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acid 30.06.2004 18:17

Intel creates world’s first Wireless Technology Surfboard
When Weezer sang the words You take your car to work, I'll take my board in Surf Wax America they probably weren’t expecting Intel to design and create a surf board that had a built in wireless laptop in it. The surfboard allows surfers to check their emails, surf the web (literaterally) and even record the footage of themselves catching the best waves. The tablet laptop based on Intel® Centrino™ mobile technology allows a wireless Internet connection from the surfboard to a ‘hotspot’ on the beach.

The Intel Wireless Technology Surfboard has been developed to accompany the 2004 Intel GoldCoast Oceanfest, the North Devon free sports and music festival held June 18th - 20th, sponsored this year by Intel.

The board will be launched and surfed for the first time at the festival, by international pro surfer Duncan Scott.

The board has been developed by Intel with help from renowned North Devon board shaper Jools Matthews of Gulfstream surfboards. Over the past fifteen years Jools has shaped over 15,000 surfboards, so when Intel decided to mount this ambitious project he was the first person to turn to, making sure the technology didn’t interfere with the ride and feel of the board.

Speedy Gonzales 01.07.2004 05:39

et pti ppzac qshes ha?

greka 01.07.2004 08:27

а можноо русском?
что за статья?

Н.К.Рерих 01.07.2004 17:24


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