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acid 30.08.2004 06:14

Offering gmail account invitation for free!
Welcome to PM!

PsilocybeLarvae 30.08.2004 12:26

why would anybody need another email account? :rolleyes:

Red Stone 30.08.2004 12:56


Originally Posted by PsilocybeLarvae
why would anybody need another email account? :rolleyes:

It's 1GB mailbox, PsilocybeLarvae! :D

PsilocybeLarvae 01.09.2004 20:27

Although I'm still asking myself why did I ever need a 1GB mailbox, I am a proud owner of one too :rolleyes:

I guess it is my duty to spread disease around..anyone cares for an account? :)

Red Stone 10.09.2004 20:12

Barew everybody!

Me too, I've got a couple of invitations.
Anyone interested, please PM me! ;)


acid 10.09.2004 20:33

I've got 12 more invitations... Let me know too.

It's really nice and effective way of bringing even more popularity to google I would say :) Smart boys.

Red Stone 10.09.2004 21:09


Originally Posted by acid
I've got 12 more invitations... Let me know too.

It's normal! You're an Administrator! And I'm just a Pre-schooler... :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup:

svoy 10.09.2004 21:17

MI xat el indz eli!!!!!

Red Stone 10.09.2004 21:32


Originally Posted by svoy
MI xat el indz eli!!!!!

You mean you too are a pre-schooler? How about making a demonstration of pre-schoolers?

svoy 10.09.2004 23:50

2 Red Stone

ha ha ha

acid 11.09.2004 07:26

svoy, can you read the name of the section?

Obelix 11.09.2004 10:26

I suppose I've got some too, so if I figure out how to use them I can invite someone too ;)

The bad thing is that gmail won't let you use a username shorter than six symbols. That's why I couldn't get an email with my first name only :-(

Oh yes, I forgot to mention this. Does anyboy know, that is giving out UNLIMITED inboxes. Check this link out:

acid 11.09.2004 10:57

There is nothing unlimited nowadays :) All those unlimited inboxes, webspaces and bandwidths are just a nice tricks for user/customer, which is mostly based on statistics that about 50-70% of users don't use too much space at all. Most of the customers buy this kind of tricks. Eventually such users ending up with warning if consuming too much resources.

Obelix 11.09.2004 11:14

Of course, and I believe the same will be with gmail.

acid 11.09.2004 11:29

At least I believe google can handle more resources, be nicer and offer better service than

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