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Timewind 08.11.2004 14:13

javascript array() help needed asap
znachit tak.

unem massive
list = new Array();

ira mej lcnum em elementner tipa:
list['cat'] = "kiska";
list['dog'] = "sobachka";

list['mouse'] veradarcnum a UNDEFINED

vonc anem vor
list['cat'] [email protected]!!! jnjem na X, vor eli verdarcni UNDEFINED

yete grum es list['cat'] = null; [email protected] chi veranum ayl darnum a null.

ka metodner tipa splice, ban man, bayc et sax ashxatum a menak indexov.

zaranee priblagodaren

yegdav 21.03.2005 13:47

The slice method creates a new array from a selected section of an array. The original array is unaffected by this but, if a string or number in one array is altered, it is not reflected in the other, whereas a change to a referenced object can be seen in both Array objects. The slice method uses the zero-based array index to determine the section out of which to create the new array. It extracts up to, but not including, the 'end' element (if no 'end' is specified, the default is the very last element). The following code creates an array called 'trees' and then displays a 'slice' of it:

trees = ["oak", "ash", "beech", "maple", "sycamore"]


If you use a negative index for the 'end', this specifies an element so many places from the end. Continuing with the above example, the following code would display the second through the third to last elements of the array:

trees = ["oak", "ash", "beech", "maple", "sycamore"]


yegdav 21.03.2005 13:49

The splice method is used to add and/or remove elements of an array returning an array of the elements removed. You first need to specify the index at which you wish to start removing elements, and the number to remove. (if 'howMany' is 0, you should specify at least 1 element to add). The following code creates an array 'cars' and then displays two elements starting with 'cars[1]':

cars = ["Mercedes", "Ford", "Chrysler", "Honda", "Volvo"]


You can also include optional new elements to replace the ones removed. Expanding on the previous example, the following code would create an array consisting of the two extracted elements "Ford" and "Chrysler", but replace them with "Citreon" in the original array:

cars = ["Mercedes", "Ford", "Chrysler", "Honda", "Volvo"]
removed_cars = cars.splice(1, 2, "Citreon")
document.write(removed_cars + "<BR>")


noone 21.03.2005 14:19

list['cat'] = 'undefined';


noone 21.03.2005 14:22

...если уж нравиться проверять на андефайнд...
я обычно на нулл и на ундефайнд проверяю....

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