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shushanika 03.02.2005 13:57

Reposted/Vodka Lemon
I posted this in Art section, but didn't get any response. Decided to try again in here.

and here:

Has anyone seen this film? Has it made much noise in Yerevan?

Today I saw this film, here, in Gainesville (US). Very pleasantly surprised that the movie was being played at our progressive theatre. Where I live you won't find many Armenians, honestly, i haven't met even one so far, so i know that the movie had made it this far due to its merits. The fact that i was seeing it, listening to the Armenian speech, Aramo's face popping up on the screen for a minute or two made such a grand impression on me!

And of course, the movie itself is magnificent, more in its imagery and honesty than anything else... (more in Art section)

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