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Ektich 28.02.2005 11:43

"They say 'incident'. To me it's genocide"
As printed in "The Observer".


They say 'incident'. To me it's genocide

When its finest novelist attacked Turkey's bloody past, he became a hero for Armenians and Turks alike, says Nouritza Matossiann

Sunday February 27, 2005
The Observer

There is a Turkish saying: 'A sword won't cut without inspiration from the pen.'

Orhan Pamuk, wielder of Turkey's finest pen, has spoken and cut a swath through his country's conscience. His most recent novel Snow was set in Kars and peppered with references to the Armenian culture of that formerly Armenian city. Brilliant novelist, translated in 20 languages, winner of international prizes, he has become a hate figure.
Full article is here

Red Stone 01.03.2005 00:44

Like Americans, not all the Turkish are intoxicated by the official propaganda!


Ektich 01.03.2005 09:32


Originally Posted by Red Stone
Like Americans, not all the Turkish are intoxicated by the official propaganda!


Well, I personaly haven't met any Turk so far, but I am under the impression that majority of Turks don't really know that part of their history. The ones that go into denial of genocide are the minority who have to do so because it's an official line of the Turkish goverment. Which is rather sad because it makes us Armenians look like being intoxicated by the propaganda :( But one can always say that Turks intoxicated by non-availability of the facts (can you intoxicate someone by withdrawing something? Maybe it's better to call it "suffocation").

Sevana 04.03.2005 17:06

IT WAs A GENOCIDE AGAINST THE ARMENIAN PEOPLE , and every Turk I ever met denies it. they are tought that the Armenians massacred them .

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