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Tropical 14.04.2005 06:07

Young Armenian fellow's view published in Turkish Daily News
Turkish Daily News
Letters to the editor

Sunday, April 10, 2005

The Armenian dream
Dear Sir,
I just want to recall the latest statement of former Turkish ambassadors, which particularly states:
“The leaders of the Republic of Armenia, in addition to the occupied territories of Azerbaijan, openly designate the Eastern Anatolian region of Turkey as 'Western Armenia' and make no secret of their goal 'that one day when conditions are more propitious these lands will become part of the dream of greater Armenia'.”
I want to direct your attention to the fact that dreams of unification of Eastern and Western Armenia (the latest was emptied from Armenians after 1915) does not only belong to our leaders, but also the vast majority of the population has the same dream.
… Western and Eastern Armenia are not only historical homeland of Armenian nation, but also the territory where the development of Armenian society takes place for last 27-30 centuries.
… I strongly believe, that irrespective of developments of relations between Armenia and Turkey (which I would prefer to see friendly and peaceful), Armenians around the world will consider Western Armenia as their historical homeland, which was emptied from Armenian because of the crime and which would stay in their dreams as a part of unified Armenia. With
Best regards
Gevorg Torosyan, ([email protected])

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