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Sevana 28.05.2005 23:15

May 28
How did you celebrate May 28 ? did you go to any of the fastivities ? did you hold hands and danced around Armenia ? how I wished that I was there

Red Stone 29.05.2005 20:38

My dear Sevana!

I feel frustrated but you must feel worst. As a matter of fact I was expecting someone to coming out with some clues (for me, who am not armenian) about what the 28th May's meaning. I think it should be some important date for Armenia, but - forgive my ignorance - why?...

Could you tell me what you celebrate on the 28th May?

Thanks! :bow:

Sevana 29.05.2005 21:56

Dear Red Stone , yes May 28 is a very important date for Armenians . May 28/1918 was Armenia's first independence day after so many years of wars and accupation , the battle of sardarabad was the winning battle led by the Dashnag party that was banned in Armenia /USSR during the Soviet era . thanks but no thanks the soviet union was formed and Armenia lost it's indepandence again , and this nation fell from the smoke into the fire .
How ever we have two independence days in Armenia , the second one in September and that 's when the USSR desolved .
I am sure that my sisters and brothers in Armenia can correct me or add to this if I am not correct ,
Red Stone thank you for your interest ,

Red Stone 31.05.2005 21:05

Thank you, Sevana! :bow:

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