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Sevana 04.06.2005 06:49

Nick Names
I was wondering about what do your Nick names mean to you , and why you chose them ? if you wish you can mention your real names .
I am not trying to be personal , just curious and interested .

Moonlight 04.06.2005 07:23

i choose nicknames, that somehow r associated with myself. or with what i potentially could be:)) all my nicks express my essence. this one has a loong prehistory, but kinda personal, don't feel like sharing. it also has smth to do with my real name & mystic legends around it.

Gayka 04.06.2005 08:43

Mine is derived from my real name, and people often call me by my "nickname" in real life.

Hans Andersen 04.06.2005 09:08

Mr Andersen - the pwnerer ;)

annune 04.06.2005 09:56

Mine is created from my surname & name. My real name is Nune. I chose my nickname six or seven years ago. But I like my nickname and don't want to change it.

Erazik 04.06.2005 12:05

my new nickname is just an Armenian name. it's from the armenian word Eraz - dream. It means I'm a dreamer ;)

ЖЮЛИ 04.06.2005 12:08

албаниан ленгвич?

burnash 04.06.2005 12:11

and my nick originated from the last name of a distinguished Tatar novelist of Soviet era ...

lightontheshore 04.06.2005 12:11

my nicknames i usually choose from my fav songs that also tell something about myself. such as uninvitedbyur is uninvited + byurakn (my real name) or strangelittle10000springs = strange little girl + 10000 springs (which is Byurakn in english)
my current nickname is a title of one of Karine Polwart's songs.

burnash 04.06.2005 12:13

I guess my avatar should be more interesting than my nick ))) - but that's another topic

Nimfa 04.06.2005 12:34

I've chosen this nickname simply because I like Ancient Greek culture very much :)

Originally Posted by burnash
I guess my avatar should be more interesting than my nick ))) - but that's another topic

Something connected with buddism? :)

burnash 04.06.2005 12:38

yeah - that's a famous Buddha fan .....

Red Stone 04.06.2005 13:20


Red because I like the colour, I'm politically red (kind of sentimental anarchist, refusing any engagements with political parties), and for me is the colour for changes to come.

Stone because, while open to discussions, it's hard to convince me. Acid can say something about this... ;)

Red Stone = Rubi, the only precious stone I would have if I could afford having one...

Moonlight 04.06.2005 13:22


Originally Posted by ЖЮЛИ
албаниан ленгвич?

why don't u sit ONLY in bespredel? make an effort & read forum rules. ur floods starts to annoy.

Forever Child 04.06.2005 14:13


Originally Posted by burnash
yeah - that's a famous Buddha fan .....

Do you think he is? :)

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