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Red Stone 18.06.2005 00:36

The last who laughs...
The father, divorced for 15 years now, says to his daughter who just had her 18th birthday, so she became an adult:

- Elisabeth, here is the cheque for the alimony to give to your mother. Please tell her that... well... it's the last one! And at that moment, pay particular attention to her face!

Elisabeth returns to her mother's house and does it exactly as her father said.

The mother, without hesitating a second, replies to her daughter:

- Go see your father, say him that I'm grateful, tell him too that he is not your father, and at that moment, pay particular attention to his face!

lightontheshore 18.06.2005 00:41

:crackup: :crackup: :crackup: :crackup:
sooooooo funny!

Sevana 18.06.2005 05:19

Good one

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