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Red Stone 18.06.2005 22:28

Physicians and Veterinarians
In the good old days, when there were just a few hospitals, and physicians were spread all over the country, in a certain rural area there were one physician and a veterinarian who hated each other, cause each one thought he knew much more about medicine than the other.

One day the veterinarium went seriously ill, and much against his internal will was forced to call the physician.

The physician enters the veterinarian bedroom and trying to show his good intentions, said with a friendly smile:

- Well my dear colleague, tell me about your complaints!
- What? I don't ask the cows where it hurts! Find it for yourself!

The physician didn't say any more words, and started examining the patient thoroughly. After a good half an hour of examination, took his things and walked to the bedroom door. The veterinarium asked:

- Hey! What's your diagnosis?

The physician didn't reply and left the bedroom in his way to the living room, where he sat down and wrote a prescription, which he handed to the vet's wife, saying:

- Please go to the pharmacy and buy those pills. Give him two of them each 12 hours. If he doesn't get better within one week, send him for slaughtering!
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Sevana 19.06.2005 06:24

(If he doesnt get better within one week ,send him for slautering)
We all have to make last minute decisions on the job , even if it's not what the patient wants
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lightontheshore 19.06.2005 08:36

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