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Red Stone 24.06.2005 21:49


The participation of Shushanika (where is she, by the way? Shushanika! Uh Uh!) and more recently a question put by Moonlight in the game "questions and answers" made me think about what I'm going to say below.

It's not a secret that most (if not all) of the writers elaborate their stories based on personal experiences or on facts they have witnessed.

What do you people think about asking Acid to create a sub-forum in this section, called - for instance - True stories or By the fire, where each one of us would tell the others one or more stories, with three simple rules:
1. Language: English
1. One thread - one story.
2. Stories should be true and lived or witnessed by the teller.

The idea is providing some material for potential writers in the forum, and the suggestion of the sub-forum is for avoiding that stories get lost in the main section.


Gypsy 24.06.2005 22:09

Good idea RS, I will share some stories if you guys open a sub-forum like that :)

PsilocybeLarvae 25.06.2005 05:01

Red Stone, you have my vote ;)

... i know a st0ry teller :*

lightontheshore 25.06.2005 11:04

yessssss!!!!! i'll share stories!!! i have many to share!!!!
thanks for the idea, RS!!!! :)

Red Stone 25.06.2005 20:10


Originally Posted by PsilocybeLarvae
... i know a st0ry teller :*

Anyone we know? ;)

acid 25.06.2005 20:18

Let's wait a little to see how many people are going to share their stories!

PsilocybeLarvae 26.06.2005 15:08

Red Stone, shhh :devil: :hug:

Gypsy 27.06.2005 19:00

So guys, what did you decide on this?
Maybe if there's not enough people, we can just add a "sticky" thread and post stories over there? it's a nice idea after all, to keep the English section active...

Moonlight 27.06.2005 19:03

i also like the idea & even will take time to write stories!! actually i always do that in my diary for my friends, some things i can just post here as well.

Red Stone 27.06.2005 19:07

Easy, Gypsy! The poll dies on the 4th july... so there is still time to finding more story tellers... ;)

lightontheshore 27.06.2005 20:12

story tellers, where are you?
anyway, i think my stories are so many that will be enough for a whole year (poor readers! :lol: )

Forever Child 28.06.2005 00:20

Add my vote too. :)

Gayka 28.06.2005 13:40

I voted for the second option, will rather read others' stories but not share mine :)

Red Stone 28.06.2005 13:42


Originally Posted by Gayka
I voted for the second option, will rather read others' stories but not share mine :)

KGB doesn't exist anymore... ;)

Gayka 28.06.2005 13:46

Red Stone, I'm just sort of reluctant in sharing personal things.
though, who knows...;)

Vega$ 29.06.2005 09:32

Red Stone, you have my vote too :)

Gayka :agree: am past the stage of emotional exhibitionism in my life... but who knows? ;)

Psi :kiss: :hug:

Hans Andersen 29.06.2005 11:22

my 2 cents:)

tuVAlu 04.07.2005 07:57

Red Stone, great idea!
Not a small percent of the threads started will be mine:spin:
Thanks! :kiss:

Red Stone 05.07.2005 17:36

Thanks Acid! :bow:

Now for us to feed the baby! :)

lightontheshore 05.07.2005 19:18

*thinks of stories to tell*

tuVAlu 06.07.2005 12:19

thanks Acid!

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