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Red Stone 05.07.2005 17:24

A new car...

As all children I loved playing... my five years still allowed me to do it.

That day I was playing in the backyard with a neighbour of my age. Suddenly, my aunt - my father's sister - came to call me to the house, and in our way, she told me (carefully of course) that my father had passed away.

I've entered the house like a hurricane. I wanted to see my father! For some reason unknown to me I was prevented from doing it. So I sat on a chair in the living facing the door of dad's room, waiting for an oportunity to get in there.

Not having seen my mother I've assumed she should be "talking" to dad. My aunt was watching me from the door, like a traffic warden.

At a certain moment, she tried to get me out of the livingroom. Bad thing she thought about! I've reacted violently, kicking her shins, putting them bleeding. So she gave up and kept watching.

Some time later my godfather arrived, and after knowing (by my aunt) what was going on with me, he sat by me and started a conversation that lasted quite a bit. At a certain moment, he said to me:

- You know, Vitor, I've bought a new car. Would you like to see it?

I remember I thought a bit and walked out of the house with him for seeing the car. So he managed to make me enter it, and drove me to his house where I stayed for about one week.
This was a long time ago, and still today I can't forgive myself for leaving dad in exchange of a stupid sight of a new car! This will die with me...

Gypsy 05.07.2005 18:20

Touching story, Vitor :(

But you know, you were just a kid. Don't blame yourself.

Moonlight 05.07.2005 18:46

u can't blame a child!

lightontheshore 05.07.2005 19:12


Originally Posted by Moonlight
u can't blame a child!

yes... u can't blame a child that is other than u but there are things that u've done as a child and u can't forgive yourself when u grow up. :(
RS, the story touched me muchly. :hug:

Red Stone 05.07.2005 20:05

Gypsy, Moonlight and Lightontheshore!

When reasonning you're right! But reason disappears when feelings are in charge... :(

lightontheshore 05.07.2005 20:16

yeah, i agree :(

Moonlight 05.07.2005 20:17

i know.. but still.. u should forgive urself! as if i could:(

PsilocybeLarvae 05.07.2005 20:19

Hey, I think your grandfather (family) was determined to take you away. And he would do it one way or another with or without your consent.
Thanks for sharing the story :hug:

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