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nayapaltan 04.10.2001 11:28

Problem with a project !!!
need help to solve this project..don't understand mainly the buffer part....

"Write a class STUDENT. it has including student id, name, address, credit hour, course id.Use appropiate method to implement this class which will display the information to the user.need to use assignment (opperator=)and get information from a input file and show it in a output file.<BR>Add pack and unpack methods to class STUDENT.Use class BUFFERFILE to create a file of student records.Test these methods using the types of buffers supported by the IOBUFFER class hierarchy.<BR>The IOBUFFER class hierarchy supports three kinds of buffers. Two are variable length and one is fixed length.Your code should support one of the variable length buffers and the fixed length buffer.if ur firstname is from matthew to yun implement LENGTHFIELDBUFFER." [my name is s. m. kamal].

plz reply me asap.<BR> [email protected] null

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greka 23.10.2001 15:51

Sorry, but we can't provide complete solutions for homework - try again later...

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