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acid 24.07.2002 04:57

Полностью сгорел офис компании WildPackets!
WildPackets suffered a devastating fire in the early morning hours of Monday, July 15. The fire destroyed the entire building that was "home" to 65 of the 80 people who work at WildPackets. No one was in the building at the time. At first glance, there is nothing left of WildPackets, but ashes, charred timber, twisted steel, and melted furniture and computers. What can't be seen are what made WildPackets great, which are still very much alive and kicking; the great team, and the superb products. WildPackets is already being rebuilt by employees meeting in borrowed conference rooms*, employee homes, parks and restaurants. Good insurance and forethought mean that we should be in a new location by the week's end and that our software has survived the disaster thanks to the multiple off-site copies. The team is intact and will soon be getting to the point of "business as usual". We are financially sound and strong and capable of weathering this event. And while we know that there will be a number of hurdles to clear, we are confident that we will soon put them all behind us.

Vaurus 24.07.2002 05:14

4 WildPackets

nu chto delat bivayet :o

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