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johnconroy 27.07.2006 15:15

Inside Hezbollah | Party of God
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Part 1 -
Cnn report that looks at Hezbollah and what they are all about
A slightly biased look, but still interesting.

Part 2 -
Terror Tactics
Tactics used by Hezbollah both in war and in through terrorism.
Comments how Hezbollah is the only Middle Eastern army thats managed to defeat Israel. .

Part 3 -
The Leader
The Leader of Hezbollah, an inside scoop into what the man is all about and how he rose to power.

Part 4 -
The Followers
Most shocking part is a little girl that adores Hezbollah and outlines
that she enjoys it when she see's Israeli's dead.

part 5 -
Fear and Loathing
An Israeli perspective of the conflict between their neighbours Hezbollah

part 6 -
The Hunt
About the Terrorism that Hezbollah has been involved in.

Obelix 27.07.2006 18:49

Re: Inside Hezbollah | Party of God
Why on earth should someone read about those dogs?

analyst 27.07.2006 20:57

Re: Inside Hezbollah | Party of God
at least to create a balanced picture of what is going on in that region

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