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AvDav 25.09.2006 11:11

Need UNIX command to determine port owners
Hello, I need a UNIX command to determine which ports are open from what processes. Nmap is not a solution since it shows only opened ports, I dig into `ps' command too, but according to its manual there is no open port info it can provide. Would appreciate any help.
P.S. My problem is that I see that ftp 21 port is open on my UNIX and it should be opnened by `proftpd', and if I do `ps -e | grep proftpd' there is no matching result in other word need to determine what process has been opened ftp port.

Thanks in advance.

aeneas 25.09.2006 13:42

netstat -ae

AvDav 25.09.2006 15:28

I am sorry, but it gives me lines like:

tcp 0 0 *:ftp *:* LISTEN root 618
tcp 0 0 *:ssh *:* LISTEN root 622

and there is no process info I can view...

aeneas 25.09.2006 16:06


Originally Posted by aeneas (Post 505212)
netstat -ae


netstat -ap

AvDav 25.09.2006 21:03

Thanks for the help.

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