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Sevana 29.10.2006 03:32

A good bye
To all my friends on this beloved forum a good bye , I will miss reading your comments , he he my Russian stands at o and my Armenian just manageable . We are leaving our home and medical practice to travel around the world and do some medical volunteering as we are permitted for the next twelve months.
Acid my friend keep up the good work , see you all November 2007

Dionysus 29.10.2006 08:10

Good luck!

[ Xelgen ] 29.10.2006 12:17

Good luck 2 u :)

Moonlight 29.10.2006 13:45

take care! i'll b awaiting to greet u back:)

acid 29.10.2006 15:03

Good luck!

Forever Child 30.10.2006 08:06

Good luck, dear. Have a nice time.

Sauron 30.10.2006 08:40

Good bye and good luck

Varg 30.10.2006 08:57

See ya :)

PsilocybeLarvae 30.10.2006 12:38

Travel around the globe? That sounds exciting! Good luck and come back soon.

Silver 31.10.2006 22:57

Yeh.. careful don't get abducted by palestinians, israelis, afghans, iraqis, etc.

'Canadian aid worker abducted in Gaza'.

Moonlight 01.11.2006 00:27

Silver, tipun tebe na yazik!:P

Sevana jan sorry for russian, it's untranslatable folklore:)

Hans Andersen 01.11.2006 06:25

gl gg hf!!!

Isabella 02.11.2006 21:25

all the very best !!!

Hrach_Techie 03.11.2006 08:03

love you will miss you Sevana jan :)

Red Stone 08.11.2006 21:26

Sevana jan I'll see you later! Good bye??? Never!

Keep up your good work!:hug:

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