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kwizzikal 11.01.2007 18:24

"Hemp" in Armenian
Greetings Armenoforumers.

Is there a proper Indo-European word for "hemp" in Armenian? And, if so, what is the earliest occurrence in classical Armenian sources?

I know it's everybody's favorite plant nowadays, but I'm writing a paper on Indo-European plant and plant product names. My ancient machine has a lot of font problems, so I'd appreciate any answer in Roman script.

Thanks in advance.

PsilocybeLarvae 12.01.2007 05:42

Maybe "kanep"(կանեփ)?

Meme 14.01.2007 00:15

Ahha it is kanep.

kwizzikal 08.05.2008 22:42

My essay on hemp was published as God's Gift: A Survey of Cannabis in the Bible. You can download the free pdf here:

Thanks again.

FAIRCHILD 12.05.2008 05:31


just my few cents on this ...

hemp in Armenian was also called djout (pronounced jute). There is also an Armenian word hanpa used by the armenians in turkey ...

Meme 05.08.2008 17:06

Didn't want to open a new thread... sorry for any inconvenience.

How is undersigned translated into Armenian?
e.g. I, undersigned, certify that...

Երեխա 05.08.2008 17:21


BTW-In Turkish there is also a delish made from it and it is called KUNEPHE, Note that U is spelled here as A

Agregat 05.08.2008 17:38

PLAN is the only true word :)

Jane 05.08.2008 19:41


Originally Posted by Meme (Post 668314)
How is undersigned translated into Armenian? e.g. I, undersigned, certify that...

es, nerqo storagryals

{arsen} 06.08.2008 06:22

hon gnadzadzem, hayreni xoskun meri moradzadzem...
отсюда уехали - туда еще не приехали..
а как по армянски будет "здравствуйте"? а то сами мы не местные..

Meme 07.08.2008 08:39


Originally Posted by Jane (Post 668318)
es, nerqo storagryals

Спасибо Jane:)

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