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acid 10.03.2002 03:56

Вы тоже можете выбрать себе аватара(персонажа) в своем профайле. :cool:

Jaguar 10.03.2002 13:59

Mr. Acid, why does the custom avatar link refer to a specific directory on your server ?... Wouldn't it be better, if you add in profile another textbox "Custom Avatar URL" ?.. Thus we wouldn't have to send you the custom avatar to place... Don't you think so ?.. :cool:

acid 10.03.2002 18:59

The current avatar addon itself does not support custom image links, but I think it has it's own benefits like it will decrease the possibility to have broken links in forum. Anyways I will look forward to have some avatar addon with custom image link support. But for now you guys may send me your custom avatar images with the size 37x40 and named accordingly to your username.

Thank you for your comments.

aramx 10.03.2002 21:38

acid jan, у меня просьба.
Не можешь ли ты поставить в место моей рожи, вот эту вот фотку>>
Это возможно сделать?

acid 10.03.2002 22:02

no prob, segodnja budet.

Jaguar 11.03.2002 13:33

Oh, Mr. Acid, then can't you place as my avatar the following picture:
It's a 40x40 Gif, not animated (only one page), Unfortunately, it doesn't match the size of your avatars, but I guess from Finbow's picture, it doesn't matter... Thanks...

2 Finbow

Hey, Boss, What's that on your head ?.. seems like blood ... Interesting, eh ?.. ;)

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