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mazinga 11.04.2007 06:57

Truth about this world
I want to tell about one of the greatest lies in the history of this world. In the new testament we learn that the vineyard(earth) has been rented out to the farmers(angels). They were to make a world of their own. Some angels ruled Europe. But till 1000 Years ago things weren't still going so well. So they decided to be bad. They went to the east and altered the genes of the people. They altered their eye gene. That was why Kahn went on conquest of the world. And the heavens punished them by sending the bubonic plague which killed more than 14 million people in Europe. Then the angels(fallen angels) fought back by killing and torturing people which we know as the inquisition.

{arsen} 11.04.2007 07:01

I knew it, I knew it for sure.. but do you know why the fallen angels did so?? 'cause it was a real LSD.. a good one..

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