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PsilocybeLarvae 24.01.2008 12:07

Barekendan, February 3, 2008

PsilocybeLarvae 24.01.2008 12:39

Barekendan is an old Armenian traditional festival that we are seeking to revive as a form of civil action by calling upon the citizens to “wake up” and become involved in social processes in Armenia. In particular, this holiday is an occasion in which traditional norms and routines are rejected and reversed. People wear masks, costumes and participate in games, performances and jokes as a way of truly expressing their opinions. In other words, it is an occasion in which people are urged not to be passive and instead alert. As Lent begins the day after Barekendan, it is the final call for people to be uninhibited in their actions prior to the start of a period of fasting.

PsilocybeLarvae 30.01.2008 09:44

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Hans Andersen 30.01.2008 10:03

have you noticed that small button called "Edit"?
"inchpes paktez puchon" shat lavn a, "sksel a"-n che

PsilocybeLarvae 30.01.2008 11:27

Hans Andersen, edit անելուց չէր ստացվում կցել նկարը:

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