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Sunkid 09.09.2008 10:23

Dear Linguists! Help in translation to Azerbaijani!
Hello everybody who knows Azerbaijani!
I have a big request!
There is going to be a big event in Yerevan on September 14, a "Painting Day" where hundreds of kids will be drawing environmental pictures.
There is a note that should be used during that day as call for peace!
I have it in English and i need it to be translated into Azerbaijani urgently, till September 13!
Thanks a lot in advance!

Here it is :


We who are signing this document declare herewith:

Mankind can not survive without nature. Nature is the source of all life, of beauty, and joy. For the sake of our children and the future of earth we all regardless of differences in nationality, language, culture or religion have to unite to make peace with nature.

Stop the pollution of water, soil and air! Stop tree logging and deforestation! Stop the killing and torturing of animals! Make peace with earth!

We render our message to the strength of nature to wind, sun and rain. Whoever finds it is invited to join our efforts to save the nature in order to save the survival of mankind on our wonderful planet.

Find more what you can do under.

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