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Muminkas 15.04.2010 13:47

Hi. I am Polisch fan of Erepublik and fan of Culture of Armenia. I want to organize a campaign creation in the game State of Armenia.

ERepublik is a massive online game, which creates a new, structured world of the Internet.

In this game called. e countries are highly organized, fighting, and develop their country, and citizens to gain experience, working in its favor. In this new online world, there is no state of Armenia. Therefore, I along with my colleagues (Muminkas in the game), we decided to collect as many Armenians to play eRepublik, later to be able to begin talks with the administrators to create a new country. Form of registration in Poland, Great Poland until then. Join your friends: this user.

address of the game:

Can you advertise? As you see, is an important issue that Armenia had its own state.

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