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Xman 24.06.2020 12:26

Recovering my account after 10+ years :)
Hello mighty people.

I recovered my account at this forum and can now log in , after like 10+ years.

So cool that this forums still exists and I am able to login with my account again.

I was registered here first in 2004, amazing.

Cheers to all old and new members whom I may never get to know anyways :)


greka 14.11.2020 13:40

hey Xman, glad you're back. Remind me please what are your fav topics over here? )

Xman 25.02.2021 10:35

hej greka, I wonder if we ever met before in Yerevan ? I cant even answer to your cryptic question regarding fav topics :) But this place is nostalgic :)

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