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Arayik 19.01.2002 14:29

Ov karoxa indz ognel? Indz petq a, vor lpt porti i - rd outic 5 volt hosanq stanam. Assembleri hramannerov linum a, bajc da 2000 - i tak chi ashxatum. Erevi petq a, vor ed amen [email protected] ashxati cherez driver.<BR>Thanks

Alexandr 20.01.2002 07:14

The only possible way to perform low level operations under Windows 2000 is to use the system API Functions. Mainly the PC port outcoming information is considered to be a matrix of voltage levels in all the canals of the port. So take a look at system API functions (you can get them in "API text viewer" from Visual Studio pack or a book). However I do not think that you will find any function "ready" to be used for your purposes (you will have to do that in some more difficult way, e. g. get a combination of functions).

So good luck.

acid 21.01.2002 16:37

Although it is a tough but the perfect way is to write a device driver so you can use very low level communication way with port. Use Windows 2000 DDK or Numega Driver Studio.

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