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z0mbie 02.08.2003 08:00

очень полезная штука IMHO


Have you ever needed an email .. NOW? Have you ever gone to a website that asks for your email for no reason (other than they are going to sell your email address to the highest bidder so you get spammed forever)?

Its no signup, instant email. Here is how it works: You are on the web, at a party, or talking to your favorite insurance salesman. Whereever you are, someone (or some webpage) asks for your email. You know if you give it, you'll be spammed. On the other hand, you do want at least one email from that person. Than answer is to give them a mailinator address. You don't need to sign-up. You just make it up on the spot. Pick [email protected] or [email protected] - pick anything you want (up to 15 characters).

Later, come to this site and check the email for that account. Its that easy. Mailinator accounts are created when mail arrives for them. No signup, no personal information, and when you're done - you can walk away. The emails will automatically be deleted for you after a few hours.

Let'em spam, no one cares.

Welcome to Mailinator.

Aram Hambardzumyan 02.08.2003 09:05

Re: mailinator
неплохо. а на, и остальных их доменах можно самому удалить свой ящик, когда надоест. а ящик аж на 20 мб...

z0mbie 02.08.2003 09:24

да, только там надо регистрироваться и помнить свой пароль :]

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