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Lightbulb Presentations on LifeSciences' topics

Here I'm pasting a list of topics, specially pertaining "Biotechnology & Microbilogy" for which I myself have created several presentaions, I made them for my highschool project, now I thought the best way of utilizing my whole toil will be posting them to some knowledge reservoir, I found it a good place. Hope you like my work, I feel very sorry for not being able to upload them to this server because I don't have that available band width, but I have uploaded them to one free file sharing website, and their links on my blog so people can see and download them easily, I'm not allowed to post links directly here, that's why I'm listing all topics below, so if any of you finds them useful, should go at place suggetsed at the bottom of this page and download that, it's the hard toil of mine of over one year, hope I could help you in this manner:-

Agarose gel electrophoresis
DNA Sequencing Maxam-Gilbert Method
Gene Transformation By Poly Ethylene Glycol
Screening Of R-clones
Electro Elution
Indirect Method Of Gene Transfer In Agrobacterium tumifaciens
Plasmids And Phages
Restriction Endonuclease
Tools Of Genetic Engineering
Application of PCR in Gene Cloning
cDNA Library
Bulk Preparation Of Plasmid DNA
cDNA Library 2
Gel Electrophoresis
Mini Preparation Of Plasmid DNA
Restriction Mapping
Northern Blotting
Gene Gun
Major Events Pertaining Biotechnology (Biotech)
Genomic Library
Expression Vectors
Modifying Enzymes and Ligase
Protein Sequencing
Genomic Library 3
Reporter Gene and Immunodetection
Cloning In Prokaryotes
DNA Sequencing
Ligation and Detection Of Tranformed Product
Cosmids and Phagemids
Western Blotting
Insert Preparation
Nucleic Acid Blotting
Cloning A1
Introduction To Molecular Marker Technology
Bulk Preparation Of Genomic DNA
Gene Cloning In Eukaryotes
Molecular Characters Of Tm Of DNA
Vectors For Recombinant DNA Technology
Agrobacterium rhizogenes
Gene Isolation Promoter Analysis
Gene Tagging

You'll find their links on hxxp:// Replace "hxxp" to "http" (It's in my signature too!)
I shall make more presentations now on too, and will post them here, if any other person also like to do the same, can also paste them here, please leave your comments and views, I'll feel very fortunate to see them, have a a nice time!
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