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Top Ten Stories of 2006 From National Geographic News
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Default Top Ten Stories of 2006 From National Geographic News

December 11, 2006
A biblical figure gets a controversial image makeover. A famous TV personality is killed by a stingray. A far-flung planet gets a demotion. These are just a few of the big stories covered this year by National Geographic News.
Reload the year in nature, science, and exploration with the most popular news stories of 2006.

10. Muslim Athletic Wear Covers Skin Without Cramping Style (April 27)
Specially designed sportswear is allowing Muslim women to adhere to the Koranic principle of modesty while on the volleyball court, the soccer field, and even at the beach. Read the Full Story >>

9. Pluto Not a Planet, Astronomers Rule (August 24)
Pluto is no longer a planet, according to a new official definition. Instead the icy sphere will be considered one of more than 40 "dwarf planets." Read the Full Story >>

8. Murdered "Bog Men" Found With Hair Gel, Manicured Nails (January 17)
The bodies of two Iron Age murder victims have been recovered from peat bogs in Ireland. Experts say one man used hair gel in a likely bid to appear taller. Read the Full Story >>

7. Monster Rabbit Stalks U.K. Village (But No Sign of Wallace or Gromit) (April 11)
A dog-size bunny is ravaging prize vegetable gardens, reports say. Rabbit experts speculate that the suspect is a pet gone wild. Read the Full Story >>

6. Noah's Ark Discovered in Iran? (July 5)
A boat-shaped rock formation found on an Iranian mountain could be the petrified remains of Noah's ark, according to a group of Christian archaeologists. Read the Full Story >>

5. "Lost World" Found in Indonesia Is Trove of New Species (February 7)
Deep in a South Pacific island jungle, explorers have uncovered an Eden thriving with unknown kangaroos, birds, bugs, and more, the scientists announced today. Read the Full Story and Photo Gallery >>

4. Gospel of Judas Pages Endured Long, Strange Journey (April 6)
The twisting tale of the document itself—centuries in hiding, mysterious travels, and near destruction—is nearly as surprising as the story the gospel tells. Read the Full Story >>

3. "Crocodile Hunter" Death Extremely Rare, Caught on Film (September 5)
Medical examinations confirm that Australian TV personality Steve Irwin died after a stringray pierced his heart during filming. Read the Full Story >>

2. Family Walks on All Fours, May Offer Evolution Insight, Experts Say (March 8)
It's not a hoax, researchers say. Five adult siblings in Turkey can walk only on all fours and may shed light on our apelike ancestors, scientists report. Read the Full Story >>

1. Lost Gospel Revealed; Says Jesus Asked Judas to Betray Him (April 6)
Hidden for 1,700 years, the Gospel of Judas now offers a surprising take on Christianity's most reviled man. Read the Full Story >>

Source: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/n...p-stories.html
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