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Default IE 7 Features You Won't See (fun)

11) Meet "Mr. Clippy," your security zone assistant
10) "Import all virus and security flaws from prior IE version" button now located in File menu
9) IE7 launches in offline mode by default. Switching to online mode closes IE7 and launches Firefox browser
8) Counter in the status bar revealing the total number of IE flaws found that day
7) Alert window that tells you when your personal information has been stolen
6) Load Page Faster button located beside the Stop and Refresh buttons
5) Calorie counter indicating how long you'll have to work out to burn off the fat you've accumulated while sitting on your butt browsing the Internet
4) Would Be tab--where a given feature would be if you could find it
3) Buggy virus feedback--sends error information to virus creators so they can give IE users a "more consistent browsing experience"
2) Automatic detection and removal of Malicious Software Removal Tool
1) Update This!--simple icon button exhibiting the upward extension of a single finger. May also turn the lights on and off at Bill's house
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