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Question About DRM


I don't know how many of you have not seen some videos in wmv format because they had some kind of protection. Personnally, at request of a good friend, I've made a lot of researches (without any results) about 3 years ago for finding a way of bypassing that protection. In the particular case my friend was entitled to seeing the videos, simply didn't want to put more garbage in his PC.

The other day, by mere chance, while navigating in these troubled waters I found this text that looks like is what my friend wanted. I say wanted because he doesn't have the videos anymore. So I couldn't test:
open notepad, drag and drop the wmv file into notepad. once it has loaded up the file you will see lots of "garbage." Click edit, then click find, and enter the word lic. if you do not find that, do it again and this time search for drm. if you find one of the two terms, the file info is embedded into the file. following the terms drm or lic, you will see something that looks like this in the same or next few lines (taken from a real file
Jƒh©yAÌó¼‡|"Eᣱ’Š©§xSE¦„%–ŠB©Û3b–É5©>#(Q¯#„Ÿî8+w!_‰#þð~}ÿx»½~ÿx»ìoû lic6õëc-×í÷ýïíÛöòëëõïoÿ¾ [email protected] AÏ1*R×zNê°Èn®,ŒõªµüÃð Õ²àÃÃ'Ëç[-U2=5ïHÀA+‹NMë9 playString=1 i"{8ÝdjaèüÐå*‡ŽñʨJMéšèU*Ã)|¬Razz—ËXå¬
Ïüp<*ÄÚÀÁ 8.0Àâââ

@±°40è€:^„” @ÙØØÅ£0*)i
string=(md96VVi3C) ðV–0aÀU€2í=šDˆÈJU2Ndª0kD*º™F’ÌÌ€TŠ:ðv¬âÎŒ¼ h”[ F»¤7½{3g;NÏNóÌüÔiŽPېÅ qV (¾Š‹‰ÀcQʈ%ÒVóŒ Ò,ïçxpfо˜óáç}>Ó–b…‹šn2®¦dePí¨hyÛD{°W ÂX:^äÖŠ)Qñ±–¤§}Ca !Ä2–1…¬

What it means the first line shows the user login you need that enter a fake [email protected] playString=1 means the licence is good for a single playback, after that you will need to register a new user

Line 3 shows the original encoding format for the wmv, this case 8

line 5 shows the directory that the licence will be added to

line 7 is the password md96VVi3C

The rest is unconverted computer code.
As far as I remember, where I found the text it was said that this works for DRM versions 3.x and less, not for version 4.

If someone can test this I think we all would appreciate to know that it works (or not)...

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