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Default Dialer

Dial-Up Monitor

Dial-Up Monitor is a professional Internet Dialer. Its job is to assist you in your task of connecting to the Internet.

It was designed to be user friendly and intuitive, and with the extra help from this documentation, you will get the best of what this program can offer you.

On the right side you will find links to some of the most important aspects of using Dial-Up Monitor. Just click on an area of interest. And for a better idea of what the program can accomplish, take a look at the features list.

Dial-Up Monitor is shareware, which means that you can use it freely 30 times to evaluate it. If during, or at the end of, the evaluation period you decide that you would like to continue using Dial-Up Monitor, please register your copy.

For latest information about the program, visit


Dial-Up Monitor is a powerful and easy to use Internet dialer. Its main use is to connect you to the Internet as simply and efficiently as possible.

The program brings you a number of benefits that will make your Internet connecting experience a pleasure, instead of a daily unpleasant task.

These include:
  • the connecting process takes less time because of the program's automated tasks that will choose the best way of connecting at a certain moment
  • due to its redial and reconnect options, you can push a button and just leave your computer, knowing that Dial-Up Monitor will handle everything without any user intervention
  • you can easily restrict the Internet access to your kids or employees with powerful rules that handle every aspect of a connection: duration, interval of usage and traffic count
  • at any moment you can see your past Internet connection and gather useful statistic information about your Internet activity
  • your dial-up account passwords are better protected from trojans or other such viruses since they are encrypted and also, not stored in the Windows passwords lists (a potential target for hackers)
  • with periodic traffic checks, the program makes sure you will not be disconnected by your provider and that your connecton is not becoming idle
  • you don't have to lauch all your Internet application over and over again each time your connect, since the program can automatically do this for you, even close them after you get disconnected so they don't waste important space on your workspace
  • your e-mail accounts can be checked on a regular basis so that you don't have to use additional programs and you will also be notified if important messages arrive
These are just a part of the benefits Dial-Up Monitor can offer you. There are many more useful things inside the program that can make your life a whole lot easier.
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