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Talking MS Office Hidden "Easter Eggs"

Microsoft Office hidden "Easter Eggs"

Word Up!
Microsoft Word 97

Starting with the most popular program in this office suite, we shall show you how to access a hidden pinball game.
1. Load Microsoft Word as you normally would.
2. Type the word "Blue" (without the quotes).
3. Highlight the word you just typed.
4. Click on the Format menu, and choose Font.
5. In the Font Dialog Box, make the word Bold by selecting Bold from the style section, and choose Blue for the colour.
6. Click OK.
7. Making sure the cursor is after the word Blue, push the space bar once.
8. Click on the Help menu, and choose About Microsoft Word.
9. While holding the Ctrl and Shift keys at the same time, click on the Word logo.

If all went right, a pinball game should appear, and you can control your padles using Z and M. Their will also be the credits of the Word programmers, displayed along the side of the screen.

Excel at Flight
Microsoft Excel 97

Start Microsoft Excel as you normally would, then follow the instruction below:

1. Press either F5, or select the Go To command from the menu bar.
2. In the Dialog Box that appears, type X97:L97, and click on OK (or press enter). This will select the appropriate cells in the spreadsheet.
3. Push the Tab button on your keyboard once.
4. While holding down the Ctrl and Shift keys at the same time, click on the Chart Wizard button (on your toolbar).

If all goes as planned, a flight simulator will appear. You can control your vehicle using your mouse. If you click on the left mouse button, your vehicle will speed up, while if you click on the right mouse button, your vehicle will slow down and eventually go into reverse.
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All this proves that back in 96/97 Micro$oft was already following the policy all-in-one. This in the name of the consumer's defence!
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