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Default ARMSCII-8A and VGA restrictions

Probably not a correct topic for this mailing list however...
I am in business of FreeBSD localization for Armenian. So for the first step to be done one needs syscons fonts and keyboard mapping files. There is a need for 3 types of syscons fonts 8x8, 8x14,8x16. I found one 8x16 font in Internet halfway compatible with armscii-8. And now writing the rest two ones. But there is a problem with armsci-8 coding : it overlaps with VGA pseudographic codes in 0xC0-0xDF. Ok there is a workaround of using a font with some other coding and a screenmap table which maps (for display purposes only)
from armscii-8 to that alternative coding. Would be prefferable to have that alternative coding also as a standard. And there is one other standard coding armscii-8A which nearly doesn't overlap with pseudographic codes.

Does somebody knows what was the reason of making Armscii8A encoding to not use the codenumbers between
0xB0-0xDB ? It seams that pseudographic codes are between 0xC0-0xDF! Armscii-8A instead overlapes with ascii codes , and this means that for example the armexclaim will look like tilda or vise-versa.

What was the reason of reserving the codenumbers 0x80-0x9F in armscii-8?

Any information pointers are welcome.
Using/Making armenian fonts that use 8 columns doesn't help., cause the moused under syscons uses some codes from range 0xC0-oxD0 for operation. It is possible to recompile the kernel with option telling syscons to use some other range , but I hate the idea of writing in the documentation (localization guide) "you should recompile your kernel to get moused working"

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