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Default MP3 licence fee?

is it true that there is no MP3 support built in with RedHat latest versions ?

New MP3 license terms: $0.75 per decoder?
27 August 2002 18:08 by

It seems that Thompson & Fraunhofer IIS-A have changed the MP3 technology licensing fees. They are now charging $0.75 per decoder or $5.00 per codec. It will be interesting to see how this will affect the numerous freeware applications that utilize MP3 technology. There are already rumours that RedHat has removed all MP3 components from their upcoming Linux distro release.

On the other hand, this just might give OGG Vorbis the push it needed?

UPDATE:Quick browsing around the internet revealed that this might not be a real change in MP3 licensing policy. Yes, the website has changed, but there has been no official announcement or press release by Fraunhofer or Thompson. Wait and see.


and then:


An open Thank-You letter from OGG Vorbis developers to Thompson Multimedia

An open Thank-You letter from OGG Vorbis developers to Thompson Multimedia
28 August 2002 4:08 by

The (The people behind OGG Vorbis) were quick to respond to the apparent change of the MP3 licensing policy. This is a must read!

August 27th, 2002
Dear Thomson Multimedia:

Thank you for removing the license-fee exemption for the release of free mp3 decoders.

Thank you for the unbelievable amount of free publicity we have received in the wake of this announcement. If it weren't for the change in mp3 licensing, there's a very real chance that the continued adoption of our open standards may have slowed down.

Thank you for presenting a reminder to people that when they choose a patented alternative over a free one, they will eventually have to pay in one way or another. It's been difficult to send this message all by ourselves; we're glad you've decided to step up to the plate and knock it out of the park.

Thank you for providing the impetus for millions of people and hundreds of companies to give an open, free alternative a try. We love it when people get a chance to evaluate technology, and we've been happy to present them with a superior alternative to mp3. If it weren't for the removal of the free-decoder exemption, it might have taken even longer for people to try it out.

Thank you for setting a precedent in providing free technology until the world has become hooked on it, and then charging a lot of money afterwards. This isn't a new idea, but we're glad that you've taken a stand to ensure that this practice will continue as long as vested interests control patents on multimedia. We hope that you'll continue in this pattern with MPEG-4, since we'll be releasing a free MPEG-4 competitor next summer.

Also, with all of the tech-trade brouhaha over your decision, we're certain that people will continue to donate to our fine organization, in the hopes that we'll continue to release open source software that out-performs proprietary alternatives. After all, with tiny donations that represent a mere fraction of your minimum royalties, we can ensure that open standards for multimedia will thrive.

Please be sure to threaten those who challenge your license fees with lawsuits and draconian collections efforts. We officially support any action you take to drive home the 'mp3 costs money' message. Thanks again, and best of luck!

Emmett Plant
CEO, Foundation
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OGG rules!

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