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Post TELNET question...

Helloah guys... How are you.

Got a little question here...
Umm did anyone ever write a TELNET client... K I'm writing one, and I need the TELNET protocol specification... I got no internet connection, my FreeNet dialup always disconnects when I'm trying to ZModem it, I know the protocol RFC numbers - RFC0854, RFC0764, (others are too old). Please send that ZIPPED to <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> or better post here - maybe someone else will need it...
Also, if anyone has advices on concepts, or define programming assistance, reply. I'm writing in Win, using winsock. Thanks a lot.

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I guess this would be even more useful:

RFC-Info Simplified Help

Use RFC-Info by sending email messages to [email protected]

1. To get a specific RFC send a message with text as follows:

Retrieve: RFC
Doc-ID: RFC1500

This gets RFC 1500. All RFC numbers in the Doc-Id are 4 digits
(RFC 791 would be Doc-ID: RFC0791).

2. To get a specific FYI send a message with text as follows:

Retrieve: FYI
Doc-ID: FYI0004

3. To get a list of available RFC's that match a certain criteria:

Keywords: Gateway

Returns a list of RFC's with the word Gateway in the title or
specified as a keyword.

4. To get the Index of all RFCs published:

HELP: rfc_index

5. To get information about other ways to get RFCs, FYIs, STDs, or

HELP: ways_to_get_rfcs
HELP: ways_to_get_fyis
HELP: ways_to_get_stds
HELP: ways_to_get_imrs

6. To get help about using RFC-Info:

HELP: help


HELP: topics

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