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Do You see how Bad the situation in Iraq?
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Default Do You see how Bad the situation in Iraq?

I have seen these pictures in a site and liked to showthem to YOU !!

Look What the resistance is Doing For Soldiers!!!!

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I'm against any kind of violence. But people of one particular nation has the right of defending themselves against all invasion...

I think the US administration already forgot the shameful defeat in Vietnam... or didn't they get enough dollars yet from the intervention?


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What does learning English have to do with America's wrong doing around the world DaNYER ? when will this president admit to his mistakes and get rid of that stupid smile on his face , and tell his people the truth . more Iraqis have died violently in Iraq in less than two years than all the years that Saddam ruled that country . what is America doing to protect the Iraqis ? all I have to say to America keep your dirty bloody hands off the iraqi oil .
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Ex-Marine Says Public Version of Saddam Capture Fiction

United Press International

A former U.S. Marine who participated in capturing ousted Iraqi President Saddam Hussein said the public version of his capture was fabricated.

Ex-Sgt. Nadim Abou Rabeh, of Lebanese descent, was quoted in the Saudi daily al-Medina Wednesday as saying Saddam was actually captured Friday, Dec. 12, 2003, and not the day after, as announced by the U.S. Army.

"I was among the 20-man unit, including eight of Arab descent, who searched for Saddam for three days in the area of Dour near Tikrit, and we found him in a modest home in a small village and not in a hole as announced," Abou Rabeh said.

"We captured him after fierce resistance during which a Marine of Sudanese origin was killed," he said.

He said Saddam himself fired at them with a gun from the window of a room on the second floor. Then they shouted at him in Arabic: "You have to surrender. ... There is no point in resisting."

"Later on, a military production team fabricated the film of Saddam's capture in a hole, which was in fact a deserted well," Abou Rabeh said. Abou Rabeh was interviewed in Lebanon.

Мадмазель, Медам, Месье! "Глория" меняет курс и направляется в Кейптаун! Кому это не нравится будет расстрелян на месте. (с)


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