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Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews Protest
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Default Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews Protest

Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews Protest the State of Israel, Says Neturei Karta International

4/29/2005 5:05:00 PM

NEW YORK, April 29 /U.S. Newswire/ — The following was released today by Neturei Karta International:

If you happened to be passing by the Israeli Consulate yesterday afternoon you most surely would have been shocked by the unusual sight that greeted your eyes: a group of over 10,000 Orthodox Jews who were protesting against the actual existence of the state of Israel. Behind them hung large posters showing the beating of Orthodox Jews by Israeli police while they were protesting the desecration of antiquated Jewish cemeteries which are in the path of a planned highway expansion.

The shocking sight didn't stop there. When you studied their signs and looked at the picture posters a shocking new world was revealed. Tens of thousands of religious Jews are protesting in the streets of Jerusalem against the state of Israel stating that the state of Israel, according to the Torah (that is the Jewish teachings) is illegitimate. They state that since the time that God sent the Jews into exile with the destruction of the temple two thousand years ago the Jews were forbidden to have their own state and that the whole concept of Zionism and the creation of the state of Israel was formed by irreligious Jews contrary to the Torah and the opinion of almost all of the Rabbinical leaders of Judaism worldwide.

The posters showed beaten and bloodied Rabbis sprawled on the ground cowering before Israeli police with stun guns and batons in their hands. Other posters showed old and young men alike being dragged on the ground and being piled into paddy wagons to be taken to Israeli prisons. Still other graphic pictures showed the excavated graves and bones spread over the ground; quite a shocking sight.

The signs that the protesters held read:

-- Israel has no right to rule over any part of the Holy Land

-- Jews Mourn 56 years existence of "Israel"

-- Zionists do not represent Jews

-- Let our Sages rest in Peace

-- Israeli Government: Grave Digging is inhumane, disgraceful and shameful

-- Zionism stole the name of Jews

-- Oh No! Zionism will never succeed

-- Rabbinical Leaders fought Zionism since its inception

-- True Jews will never recognize Israel

-- Israel does not represent world Jewry

-- Dissolve the Zionist State

-- Authentic Rabbis always opposed Zionism and the State of Israel

Однакос.. Я знал что такое существует но не знал что у них так много сторонников.. Мдаа

Страннейшие вещи происходят в Мире..

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da uzh, mir polon ekzotiki

vozmojno i u nas najdetsya gruppa orakulyarno-kosmicheskih mislitelej protiv strani Armenia...

osnovnie web sites "unortodox ortodox jews"

mneniya na forume shiitov

video klipi zdes'
napr. v verhnem klipe na stranice lider "evreev tory" raz'yasnyet svoyu poziciyu

kstati, na svoem sajte oni upominayut odnogo vracha-armyanina
"My own investigations as a journalist ... I had independent confirmation from a man I met in Iran in the late Forties.

His name was Michael Timosian, an Iraqi Armenian. When I met him he was working as a male nurse at the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company in Abadan in the south of Iran. On June 2, 1941, however, he was working at the Baghdad hospital where many of the riot victims were brought. Most of these victims were Jews.

Timosian said he was particularly interested in two patients whose conduct did not follow local custom. One had been hit by a bullet in his shoulder, the other by a bullet in his right knee. After the doctor removed the bullets, the staff tried to change their blood-soaked cloths. But the two men fought off their efforts, pretending to be speechless, although tests showed they could hear. To pacify them, the doctor injected them with anesthetics and, as they were sleeping, Timosian changed their cloths. He discovered that one of them had around his neck an identification tag of the type used by British troops, while the other had tattoos with Indian script on his right arm along with the familiar sword of the Gurkha.

The next day when Timosian showed up for work, he was told that a British officer, his sergeant and two Indian Gurkha soldiers had come to the hospital early that morning. Staff members overheard the Gurkha soldiers talking with the wounded patients, who were not as dumb as they had pretended. The patients saluted the visitors, covered themselves with sheets and, without signing the required release forms, left the hospital with their visitors.

Today there is no doubt in my mind that the anti-Jewish riots of 1941 were orchestrated by the British for geopolitical ends..."

- - - - -

eshe para maloizvestnih, no aktual'nih linkov

1. negativnij ("svezhij") link

Zionists Behind Armenian Genocide Holocaust

April, 2005

"A 1994 conference paper/lecture by Joseph Brewda of Schiller Institute entitled "Palmerson launches Young Turks to permanently control Middle East " claims the founder of the Young Turks to be a certain Jew by the name of Emmanuel Carasso. He states: "Carasso set up the Young Turk secret society in the 1890s in Salonika, then part of Turkey, and now part of Greece. Carasso was also the grand master of an Italian masonic lodge there, called 'Macedonia Resurrected.' The lodge was the headquarters of the Young Turks, and all the top Young Turk leadership were members."

avtor v konce delaet zamechanie:
"This research article is not copyrighted. Reproduction is permitted. No one need waste time calling the author an 'anti-semite.' He will be the first to come to the help of a Jew if and when a Jewish life is in peril. Before you call him anti-semite your better call the God of the Bible and His prophets 'anti-semites.' If not, then you have to re-read the Bible...carefully. "

2. pozitivnij link

stat'ya 2004 goda v inform resurse zionistov
sravnivayutsya 3 naroda - evrei, palestinci i armyane
ob armyanah napisano s uvazheniem

- - -

hot' ih, "evreev tory" i vrode malo, no "malo" - otnositel'no
ih na poslednej demonstracii bilo v 3 raza bol'she chem turok na mitinge 24 aprelya u Belogo Doma v Wash D.C. i naprimer v 10 raz bol'she chem armyan na demonstracii pamyati Genocida v San Francisco ...
A Groong(.org), To Groong - an old motto
A Yeram, To Yeram - a new one

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