The Fox and The Raven
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Default The Fox and The Raven

This is a fable rather than a true story.
I'm not the author (perhaps, Aesop is).

The Fox and The Raven

A fox flying in an airplane noticed a raven sitting outside on the airplane's wing. "What are you doing there?", asked the fox. "Showing off", the raven answered. "I want to show off too". - "Welcome!" The fox got out from the airplane and sat on the wing next to the raven. While these two were showing off, the airplane made a U-turn, and they fell down. "Help! Help!", cried the fox. The raven who flew not far away from the fox asked: "Why? Can't you fly?" - "I can't! I can't! Help! Help!" - "If so, why did you show off?"

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Who said the fox is clever?

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