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Turkey sentences Armenian writer
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Default Turkey sentences Armenian writer

Turkey sentences Armenian writer

Journalists have raised concerns about aspects of the penal reforms
A journalist in Turkey has been found guilty of insulting Turkish identity and given a suspended six-month jail sentence by a court in Istanbul.
Hrant Dink, of Armenian-Turkish descent, wrote a newspaper column which he argued was aimed at improving relations between Turkey and Armenia.
The prosecution interpreted one part as an insult, but Mr Dink has said he will appeal against the ruling.

The verdict follows criminal code reforms as Turkey seeks to join the EU.
The reforms were intended to improve freedom of speech in Turkey.
The article written by Mr Dink addressed the killings of hundreds of thousands of Armenians during Ottoman rule in 1917.
Armenians, supported by several countries, want Turkey to recognise the events as a genocide. Turkey rejects that description, saying the deaths occurred in a civil war in which many Turks were also killed.
A paragraph in the article calling on Armenians to symbolically reject "the adulterated part of their Turkish blood" was taken as offensive.
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Hi there Hrach , There will never be freedom of speech in Turkey , Amnesty International has put Turkey on the list of the worst nations against human rights , yet USA continues to support Turkey . and yes Armenians all over the world should symbolicly reject "the adulterated part of their Turkish blood"
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