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Talking Mobile Linux

Open Source Development Labs, which employs Linux creator Linus Torvalds, said Monday it has brought together Motorola Inc. and several other high-tech vendors in an effort to develop a Linux platform for advanced cellular phones and other mobile devices.

Members of the OSDL working group, called the Mobile Linux Initiative, also include MontaVista Software, PalmSource, Trolltech and Wind River. The participants plan to develop a base-level platform that handset manufacturers can build on top of, Dave Rosenberg, analyst for Beaverton, Ore.-based, OSDL, said. Requirements for the OS would include power management to increase battery life, a standard interface for connecting to the various carrier networks and other basic functions that would have to be crammed into an OS that runs in devices with limited memory. Participants have built their own Linux-based OSes, but the idea is to collaborate on a single platform in order to make it a stronger competitor. Much like the Linux computer world, software vendors would make money on applications built on top of the OS.
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